TNUoS tariffs catastrophic for Scotland’s renewable energy industry 

Morag Watson (Scottish Renewables)

NATIONAL Grid ESO has announced its projection of Transmission Network Use of Service (TNUoS) tariffs for 2029/30 – 2033/34.

Responding, Morag Watson, Director of Policy at Scottish Renewables, said: 

“The latest projection of TNUoS tariffs is catastrophic for Scotland’s renewable energy industry and says to investors ‘no new projects should be built in Scotland’.

“This is completely at odds with UK and Scottish Government policy, which makes clear that building new renewable generation in Scotland is essential if we are to meet net-zero.

“Projects that are already built or in construction cannot respond to these projections, which will only achieve serve to damage investor confidence at a time where that confidence is crucial.

“TNUoS remains enormously destructive to Scotland’s offshore wind industry and is clearly at odds with everything we need to do to reach net-zero.

“The UK Government and Ofgem must stop discouraging investment in Scotland’s world leading renewable energy industry and instead deliver policy that will allow the sector to play a significant role in advancing the UK’s own climate change ambitions.”

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