Time to find long-term solutions to Covid quick-fixes, says Glasgow CEO

Steven Tallant, who leads electronic signature specialist Videosign

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UNCERTAINTY over the post-Pandemic return to the office means businesses now need to put long-term solutions in place for keeping their operations running, says the CEO of a Glasgow-based tech firm.

Steven Tallant, who leads electronic signature specialist Videosign, believes office-based workers are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic norms and that business leaders need to fully embrace a new way of working.

He said: “When the Covid pandemic struck, businesses put interim measures in place to deal with the immediate issues of remote working for what was expected to be a short period of time.

“Nearly two years on, there is still uncertainty about when workers will return to offices if at all – and yet many businesses are still muddling through with hastily-assembled quick fixes for remote working.

“Businesses should now be thinking about ensuring that they have robust systems in place ready to deal with future Covid-related disruption, especially as we head into winter.”

Tallant expects many businesses to permanently adopt a hybrid model mixing office-based and remote working, while many will abandon offices completely.

He said: “Safety concerns and improved work-life balance mean that many workers will be very happy to remain at home, while many businesses will benefit from the opportunity to make savings by downsizing their office space.

“Meanwhile many consumers are discovering the benefits of meeting and transacting business remotely, with the need to travel for simple tasks such as signing documents now eliminated.

“The businesses that will thrive as we emerge from the pandemic are the ones that offer the best digital experience to their customers and have plans in place to continue trading if new Covid variants lead to a return to social distancing.

“That’s why it is so important to invest in the right technology and take the time now to think critically about whether initial emergency solutions are the most effective way of operating.”


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