Three female entrepreneurs launch country’s largest summit for women in business in Glasgow

Laura Maginess, Heather Offord and Clare Baillie

THREE entrepreneurs are set to hold the country’s largest summit for women in business in Glasgow next month after it was revealed that almost half of the UK’s female entepreneurs are not confident in the future of their businesses.

Laura Maginess, creator of one The Glasglow Girls Club, growth strategy expert Heather Offord, Director of Clarity Consultants, and founder of  Star Consultancy, Clare Baillie join forces to welcome hundreds of women to the Scottish Growth Summit on 14 March at The Studio, Glasgow.

The pioneering event is designed to boost the growth of female-led businesses across Scotland, from large companies to solopreneurs, and will be packed with inspirational speakers, expert-led workshops, insightful panel discussions, and interactive expert pod sessions for all business owners.

Recent data from the Rose Review highlighted that, while female founders are building more businesses than ever before, 46% of female entrepreneurs don’t feel confident in their own business prospects, lacking support and equal access to investment opportunities.

The Rose Review also found in 2019 that £250 billion could be added to the UK economy if women matched men in starting and scaling businesses.

Organiser Heather Offord, of Clarity Consultants, said: “There’s a gaping hole when it comes to support for women in business and we want to help fill that through the Scottish Growth Summit by providing female business owners with the information, support, strategies and contacts they need to go on and grow their businesses to their full potential.

“Having more successful businesses not only benefits the owners, customers, suppliers and partners of that business, but also massively boosts the wider Scottish economy.”

The Scottish Growth Summit has been designed for women at all stages of business, from startups to established ventures, and the event promises actionable insights for every participant and has an aim to support women in business with a growth mindset and actionable takeaways to implement into their businesses and careers right away.

This event is not just a gathering; it’s a movement towards empowering female entrepreneurs, especially those from underrepresented minorities or disadvantaged backgrounds.  That’s where the Diversity & Inclusion Fund comes into play.  Organisations can choose to sponsor tickets at a reduced rate of £100 (instead of £199) opening doors for these entrepreneurs to attend the Summit, gain invaluable insights, and network with peers and mentors.   Their aim is to support at least 50 women through this fund, but we can only achieve this with your help.

The event will be hosted by Claire Nelson, Managing Director of Netball Super League, who is a global industry award winning leader recognised as one of the most impactful and influential women in UK women’s sport. She will be joined by a series of Scotland’s most successful businesswomen on a panel discussion to kick off the event. 

Key features of the event include multiple workshops, growth power hour and expert pod sessions focused on vital topics like Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Sustainability, and an engaging panel discussion with some of Scotland’s leading businesswomen. Networking opportunities created to suit both introverts and extroverts, a fully catered experience, and a sponsored bar (by Clarity Accounting) are also part of the event, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience.

Laura Maginess, founder of Glasglow Girls Club, said: “The energy you create when you bring female business owners together is just magic. We can’t wait to help women across Scotland thrive through everything they’ll hear and see on the day. Think of it as a massive day of action for your business with unparalleled access to information, support and like-minded business women to really inspire and motivate you to go on and live your best business life.”

Clare Baillie, from Star Consultancy, added: “It will be a transformative day for everyone who comes along…….and the event is also about building a long-term community for ongoing support and growth. Attendees can expect to leave feeling energised, informed, and empowered with concrete action points for their businesses.”

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