This Year’s Fintech Festival in Scotland Welcomes the World

Stephen Ingledew, CEO of FinTech Scotland
Stephen Ingledew, CEO of FinTech Scotland

Scotland’s Fintech Festival will welcome guests from around the world with its focus on new financial innovation and inclusive collaboration opportunities 

FinTech Scotland has confirmed the Festival will take place over three weeks in September (between the 9th and the 27th) celebrating the nation’s thriving fintech community and economy.  

Building on the huge success of last year’s impromptu community driven Festival, this year’s activities will see over fifty events ranging from meet ups, conferences, networking and social activities.

The events include a number of showcase events such as the FinTech Summit at Dynamic Earth, the FinTech Awards evening and the FinTech Future conference at University of Strathclyde

Other events organised by the community will be up and down the country from Glasgow to Fife, Edinburgh to Dundee, Stirling to Aberdeen and Inverness 

This year will attract a large international delegation with FinTech Scotland working closely with Scottish Development International and the Department for International Trade. 

FinTech Scotland was able to announce today that most European fintech hubs will be in attendance, and that delegations from the US and Asia will also attend the festival. 

Stephen Ingledew, Chief Executive at FinTech Scotland said: “I am very excited about this year’s Fintech Festival with its global appeal and engagement. We are building on last year when the impromptu festival was born out of real collaboration and inclusion with many participants and organisations coming together to create something very special. This year, even more organisations have put their hands up to participate. This is a real testament to the fact that the fintech scene across the country is vibrant and inclusive, welcoming people and enterprises to Scotland from around the world” 

Graham Hatton, Team Leader, Inward Investment at Scottish Development International said: “International interest in Scotland’s Fintech community has never been higher. In the 12 months following last year’s Fintech festival, firms from London, Hong Kong and California have established operations in Scotland to support their growth, attracted largely by a domestic workforce with a deep understanding of Financial Services and expertise in areas including Data and Artificial Intelligence.”

Rory Archibald, Head of Association & Sectors at VisitScotland Business Events said; “We are thrilled to be supporting the fintech community here in Scotland for a 2nd year to help promote this thriving sector to the world. Fintech Festival is testament to the positive outcomes of collaboration between many organisations. The goals of the fintech sector and indeed the Scottish Government to promote social change, inclusive growth and inward investment can be achieved by bringing people together to realise the news ideas that will drive fintech forward.’

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