Therme Group announces plans for Wellbeing Resorts in Scotland

Therme Group Manchester

FOLLOWING approval to build a £250 million wellbeing resort in Manchester, Therme Group, has revealed plans to develop the concept in Scotland and other UK locations.

The concept, combining nature, sustainable technology and culture, will create more than 3,000 jobs.

A spokeswoman for the company was unable to provide any information on potential sites in Scotland.  However, talks are at an advanced stage of discussion with local authorities and stakeholders in several locations in Scotland.

James Mark, UK chief operating officer, said: ““We will be locating our resorts within large population centres.

“Our resorts provide a vital piece of social infrastructure in our cities, creating relaxing and fun places to meet whilst also nurturing mental and physical health. Our aim is to ensure that a Therme Group wellbeing resort is within easy reach of 90% of the UK population.”

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