The Alternative Board support proves pivotal as businesses broaden their horizons

Campbell Ure, business coach and facilitator at TAB

BUSINESS support organisation The Alternative Board (TAB) has helped a succession of companies to manage their way through the COVID-19 pandemic as they’ve pivoted to new commercial activities.

With support from TAB business development experts and peers, the companies have introduced new or additional revenue streams after their core operations were hit by the virus-related restrictions – or as new opportunities have emerged.

Campbell Ure, a TAB business coach and facilitator, said: “We’ve made it a priority in recent months to ensure that companies looking to add new dimensions to their activities have access to the right guidance and advice via the TAB community.

“Several companies have benefited from the experience and insights of their peers and TAB professionals as they’ve converted business theories into tangible change – and reaped the rewards.”

Recent examples include:

  • a business wholly dependent on the hospitality sector has set up a cocktail delivery service – The Glasgow Cocktail Collective – that is producing healthy levels of revenue
  • an enterprise which develops brands and product placement into hotel chains, pubs & supermarkets has established an operation – E-Tailers – that specialises in selling branded alcohol on-line. It is also experiencing solid growth.
  • another TAB member, creative agency Clydewire, is diversifying its revenue streams by establishing a recruitment business to support increased growth – and consequent hiring requirements – from within the core organisation.

Glasgow-based Campbell is part of a network of highly experienced facilitators across TAB, a peer-to-peer business networking group that has a total of seven boards across Scotland. Three are in the Glasgow area; and four in the north-east.

Campbell, who has worked with over 20 clients since joining TAB, adds: “The TAB boards represent a unique space for business owners and executives to share experience, knowledge and views.

“It’s at times like these that such forums, and the wider TAB support framework, really come into their own as businesses explore new ways to grow and flourish.”

TAB facilitators also provide one-to-one support for members, who have access to additional management resources and the potential to connect with business leaders in other countries.

Campbell himself had to adapt to new circumstances this summer after a cycling accident which required an operation to insert five screws, two plates and a pin into an ankle. The operation went well, and he was back at work in four days. Campbell has more than 20 years’ senior management and business consultancy expertise, including work with globally-recognise brands.

Scottish TAB boards cover a broad range of sectors including energy, engineering, finance, manufacturing, health, software, retail, transport, and marketing. One of its members has experienced growth of more than 450% in the past year, with TAB membership recognised as a significant factor in the rise in turnover.

The Alternative Board started nearly 30 years ago in the United States and there are now TAB boards across 20 countries, with 80 in the UK in total.

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