Taranata Group launches new bespoke delivery model to combat war on talent

Simone Lockhart, Taranata Group's Commercial Director

TALENT and capability expert Taranata Group has invested in future ways of working with the launch of Virtuoso – a bespoke managed service recruitment model created to tackle the current so-called ‘War for Talent’.

Created amidst one of the most challenging periods for the recruitment industry, and with a high number of companies struggling to fill vacancies, Taranata is utilising its expertise in recruitment across multiple sectors with its six talent brands to identify how organisations can attract, engage and select the most skilled and best fit candidates for roles.

Already proving the appetite for this service, Taranata has secured two new contracts for Virtuoso and are working closely with a specialist Personal Wealth business across their UK operations and also with a scale up technology firm, based Edinburgh, to help deliver both companies multi-disciplined recruitment needs along with their ambitious growth plans.

Created to be completely flexible and scalable, Virtuoso allows companies of any size, and from within any sector or situation, to access recruitment experts who will work as an extension of a client in-house team to fulfil recruitment needs.

The model enables a more dedicated, aligned and personal recruitment service covering the full candidate journey for a business. It also supports the employer with everything from branding and referrals to social style and advertising messaging as well as wider supplier management.

Simone Lockhart, Group Commercial Director, said: “At Taranata we are experts in the ‘art of recruitment’ and Virtuoso is an extension of that for our team and our clients.

“We created Virtuoso as a direct response to what our clients and the market needs. Recent reports from the likes of Royal Bank of Scotland and KPMG have found that we are currently facing an unprecedented increase in vacancies, while the availability of workers deteriorates at a rapid rate. Businesses across the country are struggling to find people to fill roles and even more so, find the right person for their team.

“Virtuoso is targeted at medium enterprises whose HR or recruitment teams need additional resource or specialist expertise and is also here to support larger companies deliver scale-up projects. They can outsource to us and have the confidence that we will meet their needs and identify hard to source candidates with the perfect skill and culture fit for the role.”

For more details on Virtuoso visit www.your-virtuoso.com/taranata-group.

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