Talent finders launch product to clarify “regulatory soup” of short-term hiring

Mike Stirton is Director of Interim, Temporary and Contract work at Core-Asset Consulting

SPECIALIST recruiters working at the heart of Scotland’s critical financial services sector have launched a dedicated product to ease the panic of upcoming flexible worker legislation changes.

With businesses and workers flustered ahead of April’s looming IR35 and Good Work Plan implementation, Core-Asset Engage is a comprehensive workforce management service dedicated to helping clients navigate the increasing complexity of working with temporary hires.

There are a wide range of directives legislating the engagement of flexible workers and much confusion attached to the new regulations – which is causing major consternation within industries central to Scotland’s economic health.  

The comprehensive package of work will see Core-Asset’s skilled and experienced temporary and contract division offer a package of services covering key areas and potential pitfalls of employing temporary and contract staff.  It not only advises hirers on what legislation means for their business but also offers the tools they need to be able to get up and running whilst following best practice.

Mike Stirton is Director of Interim, Temporary and Contract work at Core-Asset Consulting, an Edinburgh-based recruitment company that facilitates the introduction of large numbers of flexible workers into key financial and professional services in Scotland.

He said: “We’ve taken the decision to launch Engage, as day-to-day we’re finding organisations are hugely confused about what they need to do prepare for upcoming regulations – and the fear is that a lot of mistakes are being made out of fear or misinformation.

“Engage will mitigate that threat to the business, as our considerable knowledge and practical approach allows us to implement easily navigated processes and tools for our clients.

“This gives them peace of mind that they are compliant, whilst at the same time taking the pain out of the process for them and minimising the impact to their business activities”.

All work will be headed up by Mike, a leading figure in the recruitment space in Scotland and arguably better positioned than anybody in recruitment to advise businesses on emerging legislation.

In addition to regulatory best practice, Engage can tackle a range of pressing issues, such as contract selection and management, insurance, vetting of hires, payroll and invoicing services.

It will also offer aftercare queries throughout the assignment course, as well as the management of extension documentation and an online portal for the submission of time and quality of work.

Mike added: “Despite the fact there are a variety of overlapping regulations that govern the hiring of flexible staff, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated.

“The team at Core-Asset have years of experience in designing engaging, compliant processes for both clients and candidates alike and we are delighted to be able to extend this knowledge to our client base whilst they may be tying themselves in legislative knots currently!’

Formed in 2005, Core-Asset Consulting is a leading independent recruitment company dedicated to financial and professional services in Scotland. A specialist recruiter based in Edinburgh, it offers its clients tailored solutions for permanent, temporary, contract and interim positions.

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