Strawberry producer secures UK ASDA listing

Carys Melton aged 9 from Edinburgh, Photographer Julie Howden
Carys Melton aged 9 from Edinburgh, Photographer Julie Howden

Scotty Brand has secured a UK wide listing with ASDA to supply strawberries.

The Scottish food producer is doubling the amount of strawberries and raspberries grown this year, after securing the UK contract, meaning that its delicious berries will be available to buy throughout the UK with the supermarket chain.

Michael Jarvis, head of marketing at Scotty Brand, said: “Strawberries are always an exciting addition to our portfolio during the summer months and this year we are delighted that Scotty Brand strawberries will be available throughout the UK. Scottish berries are popular both north and south of the border, and for the first-time customers across the UK will get the chance to try and enjoy our strawberries.”

Scottish strawberries are famous worldwide, with Perthshire being the biggest and best area in Scotland for growing the crop.  Scotty Brand strawberries are grown and packed by Bruce Farms, based in Perthshire, which is renowned for its berries. 

Scottish berries make an appearance a few weeks after their English counterparts, so perfect timing for the summer and for seasonal events such as Wimbledon.  

An on-site packing hall means the fruit is picked, packed and despatched rapidly, so the strawberries reach stores within 24 hours.

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