St Andrews Brewing Company secures new listing with Sainsbury’s


St Andrews Brewing Company has recently gone through a period of rapid growth which has led to securing a listing with Sainsbury’s estimated to be worth £600,000.

The brewery will supply Sainsbury’s with its new core range: a 4% Lager, a Session IPA at 3.2%, a 4.5% Pale Ale and their signature beer, Yippie IPA, a 6.0% American-styled IPA.

They will also offer 5 litre mini kegs of the Lager and Session IPA; ideal for picnics, BBQs and parties. They also produce fridge packs of the Lager, cleverly designed 4 packs which can sit in refrigerators without the cardboard deteriorating.

St Andrews Brewing Company Managing Director Philip Mackey said, “It’s great to work collaboratively with Sainsbury’s, one of our oldest accounts, in order to get our beer to more consumers. We have also seen the increase in demand for environmentally friendly packaging and it’s great to be able to sell our cans and mini kegs, and their cardboard containers, as 100% recyclable; no plastic rings or shrink-wrap which is so damaging to the environment.”

David McMahon, Scotland Regional Buyer, added “We’re delighted to be able to work with local brewers, St Andrews Brewing Company to extend their range of craft beers and lagers in our Sainsbury’s stores in Scotland.  We’ve seen huge growth in this sector over the past year which has been largely driven by local breweries and with the addition of the St Andrews new beers, branding and overall offering, we expect this to continue.”

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