Sport Sector Collaborations: How Tech Is Transforming Sport & Wellbeing


Emerging technologies are transforming the way we play, watch and think about sports, as well as the way we monitor and protect our health. 

The following partnership opportunities all have one thing in common- sports innovation. We take a look at some of the businesses around the world looking to connect with partners to co-develop ambitious sporting technology. 

Here’s some of the latest sports partnership opportunities;

Outdoor Fitness Parks For All Ages

As our societies grow older and people start to live longer, the need for fitness spaces accessible to older generations is becoming more pressing. One German SME has developed an interesting solution.

The company has developed a range of outdoor fitness devices suitable for all ages. The innovative rolling and tilting mechanism allows for different movements, previously impossible on existing outdoor exercise machines of its type. Following scientifically tested moving patterns for optimum health and fitness, these devices allow people to exercise safely in new, exciting ways. 

All centred around balance, the new devices include a balance board, swing, snake and two-person shaft. 


  • Suitable for all ages, including the elderly
  • Accessible
  • No instructions needed
  • Mimics natural body movements to minimise risk of injury
  • Differentiated difficulty levels
  • Improves coordination, balance, mobilization, strength and endurance
  • Weatherproof


  • Looking for a partner with experience in outdoor fitness parks and playgrounds 
  • Public or private sector
  • Landscape architects and planners

Monitoring Climbing Performance

For climbers who take their sport seriously, it can be difficult to track progress and performance. A Bulgarian research company has developed a system that allows climbers to monitor their progress as they climb. 

The technology uses sensors to track movement, and this data is wirelessly transmitted to a specialised display stand. The system tracks the intensity of muscle contractions in real time and helps to improve technique. 


  • Wide variety of tests
  • Precise calculations
  • Option to vary criteria (sex, qualification, type of test)
  • Monitors performance in real time


  • Looking for industrial partners in the fields of sports, climbing and athletic performance
  • Looking for a commercial agreement with technical assistance 

Activity Monitoring Wristband 

These days, activity monitoring apps or watches are commonplace, and used by many to stay on top of their health and fitness goals. However, they often lack a certain level of accuracy when it comes to everyday tasks

A Slovenian research institute has developed a more accurate algorithm for monitoring real-time continuous activity. It works by taking data from sensors in a smartphone or a device worn on the wrist or chest to identify the activity and the energy expended. 


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Self-detects presence of device
  • Activity-recognition understand typical activities such as household chores and gardening, as well as sports
  • Devices can be worn in several ways


  • Looking for industrial partners who want a licence for the algorithm 
  • Or companies or researchers who want to use the technology through a technical cooperation agreement
  • Looking for partners with experience in the following areas; lifestyle, sports, wellbeing, fitness, wearables, health monitoring 

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