Spectrum Properties throws a lifeline to closure-hit businesses with offer of free storage

Spectrum Properties, William Roddie

BUSINESSES which have been left reeling by the unprecedented scale of the Coronavirus closures have been thrown a lifeline by a Scottish family-run property and storage company

Spectrum Properties, based in Glasgow’s East End, is offering free storage in its two main facilities for companies which have been forced to shut their doors.

Spectrum Properties and its sister company Aabsolute Storage have 200,000 square feet of storage capacity in an old mill building in Dalmarnock and another 60,000 square feet in the Queenslie Estate.

William Roddie, Spectrum Properties director, said:  “As the effects of Coronavirus worsen by the day, it is clear that we are all in this together. This offer is simply meant to give a helping hand to businesses which have been summarily shut down.

“I would really like to give some support to people in my local area. There is no geographical restriction but, for simple logistical reasons, it is likely to be more attractive to people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.”

Spectrum Properties, which owns 700 commercial properties in and around Glasgow, has some 50 to 60 storage rooms on each site and owners of non-perishable storage items will be welcomed on a first-come-first-served basis.

The company is protecting its own staff and clients with a strict operating-at-distance policy and stringent sanitising procedures. People who take advantage of the free storage offer will place their items in the secure rooms themselves.

Mr Roddie added: “This terrible period must eventually come to an end and it is important that people are able to get back up and running as quickly as possible. I want to assist businesses to do that.”

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