SP&C attains Living Hours accreditation

Photo of SP&C chief executive Ian Gray (back row left) with his team.

IN a significant milestone for fair work practices, Edinburgh-based social enterprise Social Print and Copy CIC (SP&C) has earned the esteemed Living Hours accreditation, making it one of the latest employers in Scotland to receive this recognition. The Living Hours accreditation signifies SP&C’s commitment to paying the real Living Wage to all employees above the age of 18, ensuring job security and fair treatment for its workforce.

Living Hours accreditation mandates that employers pay the real Living Wage to employees over 18 years old, providing a minimum of 16 hours of work per week (unless otherwise requested by the worker). Additionally, employers must offer at least four weeks’ notice for every shift and guarantee payment if shifts are cancelled within this notice period. The accreditation also emphasises accurate representation of working hours in employment contracts.

SP&C, a gold partner at the recent SCVO-organised event, The Gathering, has been a frontrunner in Scotland’s digital transformation. Through its community well-being program, the company has been instrumental in providing technology solutions, training opportunities, and employment prospects. Earlier this year, SP&C expanded its reach by establishing a new hub in Glasgow, aiming to create up to 30 new jobs by 2025.

Ian Gray, Chief Executive of SP&C, expressed his satisfaction with the Living Hours accreditation, stating, “We pride ourselves on our values at Social Print & Copy, and it’s important for us to deliver not just the minimum wage but the living wage or above for our employees. Part of what we wanted to do was deliver fair work, space, skills, and remuneration for people.”

The Living Wage Scotland initiative, established in 2014 by the Poverty Alliance in partnership with the Living Wage Foundation and funded by the Scottish Government, aims to increase the number of employers in Scotland paying their staff the real Living Wage. Recent research revealed that approximately 250,000 workers in Scotland, constituting over 9% of the workforce, are in insecure employment and paid below the Living Wage.

Christine McCaig, Living Wage Scotland’s Projects Coordinator, commended SP&C for its commitment to fair work, stating, “It’s fantastic to see Social Print and Copy CIC take further steps to protect their workers from low pay and insecure work by becoming Living Hours accredited.”

Living Wage employers in Scotland encompass a diverse range of sectors, with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) accounting for 75% of the total employers. The current UK Living Wage stands at £12 per hour, with a separate rate of £13.15 per hour for London.

SP&C’s achievement of Living Hours accreditation not only underscores its dedication to fair work practices but also sets a positive example for businesses striving to create stable and secure employment opportunities, contributing to a more equitable workforce in Scotland.

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