Space Solutions podcast opens conversations creating ideal workplaces


WORKPLACE design and management consultancy, Space Solutions, has launched The Changing Workplace podcast. Discussing the ongoing changes in the workplace, from attracting talent to reaching net zero, the podcast opens the conversation about the challenges businesses are facing and how to overcome them to future-proof their workspaces.

The podcast brings together experts across Space Solutions and various sectors, while discussing real-life client case studies. 

First in the series, the consultancy-led design process explores asking the right questions to bring a successful office space to life while the second episode considers the growing popularity of co-location to cut costs and drive environmental commitments. The third episode discusses designing a sustainable workplace, including a guest expert from Troop Bywaters + Anders Engineering Partnership. Next, the next generation in the workplace looks at this cohort’s varying needs and expectations, featuring soundbites from young professionals. The final episode talks about the value of design and build, and Hoare Lea join as guests to chat through their recent experience of working with the SPACE design & build team. 

Leading the series, Phil Muir, Group Director of Consultancy and Design at SPACE, has over 20 years of experience in creating and optimising workplaces. Phil said: “As the role of the workplace and staff expectations have rapidly evolved over the last few years, we are thrilled The Changing Workplace podcast opens up the conversation about what businesses can do to stay ahead of these changes. Drawing on the expertise from colleagues and industry leaders, we hope this series will evoke discussion among businesses about their own role in shaping the right spaces for them as well as the future buildings that they occupy.”

Episodes are released weekly on Spotify and Apple or can be streamed at

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