Soft drink challenger Soda Folk announces return of non-HFSS Cream Soda 


Fans of Soda Folk’s original Cream Soda recipe, changed earlier this year to be HFSS-compliant, are in for a treat: it’s back alongside its new formula counterpart. The premium craft soda is going back to its roots with a Steviol-free, full sugar version with the great taste the brand’s drinkers have come to know and love. Its vegan-friendly Cream Soda uses the finest, 100% natural ingredients including real Madagascan vanilla, with a touch of cedar smokiness to add depth, and is smooth – not too fizzy – on the palate. 

As an independent soft drinks maker, Soda Folk is able to pivot to shifting consumer demand quickly and respond agilely to produce small batches for niche drinkers. The new batch of the old recipe will be canned by Contract Bottlers and available to buy online through Soda Folk’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) website and on Amazon, while the HFSS compliant version continues to be available in supermarkets like Sainsburys and HORECA outlets including Pizza Hut. 

Alongside the ‘re-reformulation’, the original recipe Cream Soda features an updated pack design, which showcases a new member of the public, as part of the brand’s ongoing efforts to recognise and reward good deeds. 

Simon Waterfall, MD of Soda Folk, said: “It’s great to be able to respond to customer demand in a real way like this. Sometimes we get too caught up in doing what we think is right, based on trends, government sentiment and popular opinion. Sometimes though, you need to find a way to trust your business instinct and let your customers make the right choice for them. We’re one of the few soft drinks brands that actually respond to customers in this way, and in return, the response from them about adding the original flavour SKU has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Ron Young, founder of Contract Bottlers in Glasgow, said: “The decision to buy a tunnel pasteuriser was not a cheap one but has been the game changer for our canning offer! When we started our company we set out to serve the mushrooming craft drinks scene, to help those with a passion for creating the most amazing drinks, by canning their precious stuff. So we’re super proud to be able to help Soda Folk make these small batches for fans of the full sugar version of the classic Cream Soda.”

Soda Folk sodas are inspired by classic American flavours. They have the best and most authentic taste and are naturally made with the finest ingredients. They also have the highest juice content! Plus, they are vegan and gluten free.

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