Simple Solutions To Reduce Your Packaging Spend


WITH rising costs and inflation constantly affecting supply chains, everyone is looking to cut costs right now. As a business owner, there are plenty of simple ways to reduce your spending, and one of the first places you should look is at your packaging. Reviewing how products are packed can lead to new cost-effective packaging and methods. Here we will look at how some simple changes can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Where To Start

Reassessing and challenging your practices and current usage will allow you to determine whether you are benefiting from your existing set-up. It is worth taking time to look at the bigger picture too. The packaging you buy, use and send out to consumers can impact the whole chain. Making some straightforward changes can offer savings in time, transport, damages and Company reputation. Not only that but it can be better for the planet too.

Less Is Less

Adopting a minimalist approach to packaging has immediate cost-saving benefits. For a product to be packaged effectively it doesn’t always mean it needs to be packaged with excessive packaging. It is more important to prioritise functionality over appearance so if you have a limited budget choose something that will best support your product. Reducing the size of the packaging used not only reduces the spending but also the storage, transport costs and environmental impact.

Review How Products Are Packed

Incorrectly packed products could be losing you money. If the packaging isn’t performing then your products can end up damaged during delivery. When products are delivered perfectly you will not have to issue refunds or replacement products. Also, valuable staff time will not be taken up dealing with packaging complaints and re-packaging and re-sending products out.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

Recycling packaging materials that are received or used by your business is a great way to cut costs. There are lots of different options in an office or warehouse environment that could be used as packaging. You can also look at switching to effective, sustainable packaging like recycled polythene. Using sustainable polythene to package your products can help to save costs as well as being a great way to improve your Company’s sustainability.

What About The Customer?

Customers don’t want to receive a broken or damaged delivery. Equally, they don’t want to be left with excessive packaging that is not recyclable or reusable. Indeed, some customers only choose to buy from companies that align with their sustainability values. By choosing less and/ or more sustainable packaging you can save some pennies and show your customers you are working to reduce your carbon footprint.

Ask The Right Questions

If you are unsure where best to start when reviewing your packaging, two places have in-depth, first-hand experience with your packaging: your customers and your staff. Have there been any recent complaints or comments received about your packaging? How many breakages have you recorded in the last financial year? Ask your staff if they can identify areas for saving packaging use. All of this information will be invaluable when reviewing the cost of your packaging.

To Conclude

These simple and effective ideas to review your packaging can reap rewards for your business. Even if switching to eco-friendly packaging may cost a little more you may end up gaining more customers long term because of your sustainability practices. There are other ways to cut costs in a business but if you are packaging products then making savings on packaging costs will have an immediate impact on your profits.

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