Shoppers should look local during IKEA mattress shortage, says Highland BlindCraft chief

• Heather McDonald, executive manager of Highland BlindCraft, offers advice in the wake of the UK-wide mattress shortage.

WITH a mattress shortage sweeping the nation, the head of Highland BlindCraft is urging shoppers to look to local manufacturers in the UK to help them get a good night’s sleep.

Executive manager Heather McDonald made the statement following the news that IKEA stores across the country are finding their mattress stocks depleted – with no immediate signs of recovery. 

She said: “Sleep plays a huge role in looking after our physical and mental wellbeing. Finding the perfect mattress, that will allow you to get the 40 winks you need, is really important – especially with all the extra stresses we have been facing over the last two years.

“Shoppers who have purchased an IKEA bed, however, may find themselves struggling to source a mattress elsewhere due to the retailer’s non-standard sizing. In cases like this, local manufacturers often have the ability to create items in bespoke sizes.

“For over a century, Highland BlindCraft has been handmaking mattresses in our factory in Inverness – and we can make them to order in any size required. Our team is ready and waiting to help anyone out there struggling to find the mattress of their dreams.”

For 140 years, Highland BlindCraft has been producing high quality mattresses and divans from its factory and showroom in the Highlands. Each item is produced by hand by a team of skilled craftspeople – all of whom are living with visual impairments or other disabilities – providing training and jobs to the local community.

Mrs McDonald continued: “As we continue to work towards post-pandemic economic recovery, supporting small businesses throughout the UK has become more important than ever. These companies are the backbone of our country, providing a wealth of training and employment opportunities to people from all walks of life.

“By shopping locally, you are not only helping to secure employment in the UK; you also have the added bonus of access to a high level of craftsmanship, often at more affordable prices.”

Highland BlindCraft’s mattresses are fully customisable, with shoppers able to choose from a range of sizes, fabrics, fillings and firmnesses. Available at a range of price points, the mattresses can be ordered online at and by phone on 01463 233662 for delivery across the UK, or in person at the showroom on Inverness’ Ardconnel Street.

Founded in 1881, Highland BlindCraft is a manufacturer and retailer of high quality mattresses and divans, with all items handmade in its factory in Inverness. As the only organisation of its kind in the Scottish Highlands, the company provides training and employment to individuals living with visual impairments and other disabilities. To find out more, visit or follow Highland BlindCraft on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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