Shetland shows significant progress in quitting smoking


NEW data from Go Smoke Free has identified the Shetland Islands as a standout region for smoking cessation efforts in the UK. The study, analysing eight years of ONS data, positions Shetland as the second most progressive county, with plans to achieve a smoke-free status by 2026 and a commendable score of 97.3.

Richmond upon Thames leads the list, securing a score of 99.9, signalling plans to be smoke-free by 2025 and showcasing an average smoking reduction rate of 4.7%. Shetland, despite its modest population, reports only 9.1% smokers in 2022, a substantial drop from 15.8% in 2015.

Trafford, in the North West, takes the third spot with an impressive score of 95.6, boasting the highest reduction rate of 8.0%. While Shetland’s score emphasises its significant progress, it’s projected to achieve smoke-free status by 2026, showcasing dedicated efforts in reducing smoking rates.

The Shetland Islands’ achievement is notable, considering its small population of around 22,800. The region witnessed a remarkable decline in the smoking population, showcasing a reduction rate of 6.7% since 2015. Positioned to be smoke-free by 2026, Shetland stands out for its commitment to creating a healthier environment.

This research by Go Smoke Free sheds light on the positive trends in smoking reduction across various UK counties. Shetland’s outstanding progress serves as a beacon for other regions, highlighting the path toward a healthier, smoke-free future for the nation.

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