Scotwork to host International Women’s Day event


LEADING negotiation skills development consultancy Scotwork has announced it is hosting a free webinar on International Women’s Day (8 March) exploring how women can deal with the current pressures and demands of the modern world.

Delivered by Scotwork’s senior consultants, Annabel Shorter and Ann Allfrey, the webinar will include how to prepare for upcoming negotiations with a specific focus on how to deal with difficult negotiators. They will explain the four archetypes of difficult negotiators using the so-called wolf matrix, which includes the wolf in sheep’s clothing or the fake wolf.

Whilst the webinar is free, attendees are asked to make a donation to domestic abuse charity Refuge when booking a place.

Commenting, Annabel Shorter said: “Some people form an opinion that women at the negotiating table are potentially weaker, however that is often far from the truth. I come across formidable female negotiators and formidable male negotiators all the time. But I have also come across many women who say that it is challenging for them, particularly if they are younger and they are up against older men who have dominated their industry for a long time. 

“Certainly, on the occasion that the other side’s behaviour reaches a point of constituting bullying then, regardless of gender, no one should be expected to tolerate that. 

“However, beyond that, businesses should invest in great negotiation training. Equipping employees with ideas, skills and a structure so they have more control and confidence when they approach the negotiating table can be invaluable. In that case when they get push back, which will inevitably happen, it will be because they have asked for too much and not because of any biases, and they will have the confidence to deal with that pushback.

“It is a tough world out there at the moment, given all the market pressures around inflation and the economic climate, so at Scotwork we want to ensure that people are prepared and provided with valuable insight to help them deal with difficult situations more effectively. During the webinar we will open the forum to allow attendees to share their experiences and therefore gain insight from other participants, and get the chance to speak to our expert negotiators.”

Headquartered in Glasgow since 1975, Scotwork has grown into the world’s number one independent negotiation consultancy, operating in 120 countries from 46 offices. It uses its data-driven insights and expertise to provide impactful negotiation training, advice and coaching to a global portfolio of clients. It has coached hundreds of thousands of senior managers across the world, covering 29 different languages.

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