Scotwork launches new book on the art of negotiation

Scotwork UK's Chief Executive Officer, Horace McDonald

LEADING negotiation skills development consultancy Scotwork UK has announced the launch of its brand new business book, Once Upon a Deal – Stories About Life, Work and Negotiation.

The book is a compilation of insightful, engaging and entertaining anecdotes written by Scotwork’s negotiation experts and drawn from the team’s extensive and rich experience across many sectors and situations.

Structured around Scotwork’s established Eight Step Framework, the stories in the book provide relevance and context to the steps of the framework, each providing a compelling, topical and often personal insight into a particular area of negotiation.

Ranging from the serious to the light-hearted, the collection of stories offer practical tips and tricks to build your negotiation skills and confidence – both in business and in life.

The book has been edited by Scotwork UK’s Chief Executive Officer, Horace McDonald. Commenting, he said: “Negotiation is everywhere. It is played out amongst parents and children, friends with friends, between colleagues in the workplace and externally with clients and suppliers. When countries are at loggerheads, economic systems are in peril and at times of political instability you’ll rarely listen to a news bulletin without hearing the word ‘negotiation’. Irrespective of the job you do, or where you are in the world, you will encounter it daily.

“Despite this, negotiation is still a subject that is largely under-taught in business schools and under-funded in the workplace. We strive to ensure that we grow our business through delighting our existing clients across the world and engaging new customers, helping them all to transform businesses through effective negotiation to drive better deals. Our objective with this book is to bring some of our core principles to life through storytelling.”

Ben Ficke, Global Procurement Director at Whitbread, added: “As a fan of negotiation theory and a lover of great story-telling, Once Upon A Deal makes the theory really come alive through entertaining and compelling anecdotes. From negotiating with the EU to negotiating with your mother, and from negotiating the price of a hotel room to negotiating with your dog to keep him from chasing grouse, this book shows how having a solid negotiation plan will always get you better results. It takes academically-proven theory, on which Scotwork’s world-class training is based, and illuminates the theory through a wonderful collection of stories.”

Headquartered in Glasgow since 1975, Scotwork has grown into the world’s number one independent negotiation consultancy, operating in 120 countries from 48 offices. It uses its data-driven insights and expertise to provide impactful negotiation training, advice and coaching to a global portfolio of clients. It has coached hundreds of thousands of senior managers across the world, covering 29 different languages.

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