ScottishPower launches new insight to help Scottish businesses

ScottishPower Smart Solutions x Lomond Foods

SCOTTISHPOWER is encouraging Britain’s 5.5 million small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) to consider adopting low carbon solutions as it launches new advice on how using green technology can help improve their finances.

SMEs account for 99.9% of UK enterprises and are responsible for around half of business carbon emissions. That equates to one third of total UK emissions according to analysis from the British Business Bank. 

ScottishPower, the first major UK energy company to generate 100% renewable electricity, is on a mission to help business leaders support the UK’s drive to net zero emissions by 2050. This includes encouraging the adoption of green technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps and electric vehicle charging points.

Mark Bowen, Sales & Marketing Director at ScottishPower, said: “The combined carbon footprint of Britain’s small and medium-sized businesses is significant. That’s why we’re launching new advice to help business leaders make the right choices to reduce their carbon emissions and explore how they can also use green energy solutions s to generate new revenue. 

“Our aim is to help businesses to decarbonise and support their transition away from fossil fuels. This new guide features short term wins to help them take control of energy usage as well as longer term solutions to support their journey to net zero.”

One small business already enjoying the benefits of green technology is Glasgow-based food wholesaler Lomond Foods. Earlier this month ScottishPower completed a project to install 270 solar panels at its HQ in the north of the city. Lomond Foods has emerged as a sustainability leader within its industry and is accelerating towards achieving net zero emissions by 2025.

By installing solar panels on previously unused roof space, the collaboration with ScottishPower is expected to reduce Lomond Foods’ CO2 emissions by around 50,000kg per year. Lomond Foods deliver ambient, chilled and frozen goods across Scotland and this upgrade gives them the ability to self-generate electricity, meaning the business is less reliant on imported energy from the national grid.

Sam Henderson, Managing Director at Lomond Foods, said: “Solar technology is a game changer for us! Most of our energy is consumed by our refrigeration plant – around 90% of our electricity – so it’s brilliant to be able to self-generate our own energy by working alongside ScottishPower.

“We want to look after the environment around us, which can only be done by adopting greener energy solutions. We believe that sustainable business growth can be achieved by considering the environmental impact we have on the world.”

Business leaders looking to read the full guide and find out more about seizing the opportunities of green energy solutions can click here:

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