Scottish job ads amongst the least age-discriminatory in the UK


PREPLY has analysed over 3 million job listings in the UK via LinkedIn to find the extent to which companies are using age-discriminating language in their recruitment. 

Scottish organisations were amongst those that posted the most inclusive job ads seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds by using the least age-discriminatory language in the UK. 

The phrases investigated in the job ads can be considered discriminatory because they imply the company is looking for applicants who fit a particular demographic. 

The findings have revealed which ageist phrases appear most frequently in job ads and which locations and sectors are most likely to use ageist terminology when posting a job online. 

The UK regions that have the highest use of ageist language in job advertisements  

  • Job ads containing ageist words or phrases are most common in the East of England, followed by the South West of England and the West Midlands. 
  • Whilst Northern Ireland has the least use of ageist terms in the country, followed by Wales and Scotland. 

The Top 10 Scottish counties that use the most inclusive language in job advertisements  

By Scottish county, West Dunbartonshire is the most diverse and welcoming to all ages with their job postings. There was 0% usage of ageist language in their job listings.  

Whilst it is in Falkirk where ageist language was used the most with 37.6% of job advertisements containing ageist language.  

Scottish counties using the least ageist language in job advertisements  
Rank County Percentage of use of ageist language in job listings  
West Dunbartonshire  0% 
East Renfrewshire 0.1% 
East Dunbartonshire 0.1% 
Clackmannanshire 0.3% 
Angus 0.5% 
Moray 0.5% 
South Ayrshire 0.5% 
Scottish Borders 0.5% 
East Ayrshire 0.7% 
10 North Ayrshire 0.7% 

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