Scottish inventors create plant pots which fit in an envelope

POTR pots
POTR pots

A pair of Scottish inventors have designed a revolutionary new plant pot which can be posted as a letter. The invention, which launches on Kickstarter today, will make it easier than ever before for people to delight friends and family with a gift which is both surprising and sustainable.

POTR pots are the world’s first flat packed, self-watering plant pots made from 100% recycled materials. The flat packed nature of POTR pots greatly reduces their environmental impact during shipping when compared with traditional plant pots. What’s more, the origami design allows for easy assembly with one pull of a cotton cord, transforming the flat pattern into a pot capable of holding water at its base.

Co-founders Andrew Flynn and Martin Keane met while studying product design engineering at the Glasgow School of Art and University of Glasgow.  Both now work as designers in Bristol.

Glasgow-born Andrew (28) said: “Inventions are all about solving problems. It’s so rare to receive a letter these days, but when you get one that’s not a bill, it’s a nice surprise. We began to think how we could make that moment even more special. When someone receives an envelope containing a POTR Pot, they’ll have a beautiful plant pot within seconds and will be able to look after their plants easily because it’s self-watering. The semi-transparent finish also makes it easy to see when your plants are getting thirsty, which takes the guess work out of watering!”

The self-watering pots, which are made from polypropylene, will last a lifetime, as they won’t break if dropped or knocked.

Making the product environmentally friendly has been at the heart of every decision. All materials used are 100 per cent recycled and are all sourced within Europe to reduce our carbon footprint. POTR Pots are being made in partnership with a local manufacturer, Bristol-based die-cutting experts Folio, to further minimise environmental impact.

Martin, originally from Greenock, added: “Building a relationship with Folio has been one of the most interesting and rewarding aspects of the product development process. We’re excited to work together and proud to manufacture in Bristol.”

Further proving the cost-effective nature of the product, the pair will take to Kickstarter with a modest target – just £600, which will fully fund the first production run.

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