Scottish Fire and Rescue Team fires up fleet with four new MULTILIFTs

David Smith, service manager for Hiab and Brian Girvan from Emergency One

SCOTTISH Fire and Rescue has strengthened its capacity after investing in four remote-control-operated Hiab MULTILIFT hooklifts to be used for emergency rescue missions.

The specialist equipment will play a vital role in underground rescue assignments and major incidents, allowing the emergency services to safely deliver incident welfare units directly to scenes where support is needed. 

Commissioned by Emergency One, the national supplier of bespoke emergency vehicles and equipment, the MULTILIFTs have been installed on Scania P410 6×4 and will modernise the fire and rescue team’s existing fleet.

Chester Smith, Emergency One director explained: “We manufacture specialist firefighting vehicles and supply operational equipment for emergency services throughout the UK and wider world markets. After being awarded the contract we worked closely with Scottish Fire and Rescue to refine the design to their exact requirements.

“We offered Hiab’s MULTILIFTs as part of the tender process because of their reputation for reliability, user friendly operation and excellent service.

“I’m confident that the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will be impressed with the new equipment and they will be a great asset to their operational fleet.”

The MULTILIFT 21s.51 has been installed on a Scania six-wheel chassis at Hiab’s Cumbernauld service centre in Scotland.

David Smith, service manager for Hiab Scotland, said: “Portable welfare units play a vital role in rescue missions and provide a much-needed safe space and shelter for emergency services to help members of the public. These pods need to be delivered swiftly and safely, often in very challenging circumstances.

“Our MULTILIFTs are easy to operate with remote control and are well known for being durable and reliable; they will no doubt prove to be a valuable resource for the crew at Scottish Fire and Rescue.”

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