Scottish events industry bounces back for 2023

Mark Hennys (Event Coordinator, 21CC Group)

AFTER TWO unimaginably challenging years, the events industry is set for one of its strongest years yet, with pent-up demand soaring for in-person gatherings according to Scots events experts 21CC Group Ltd. 

With all Covid-19 restrictions now lifted, 2023 is going to see face-to-face events as the preferred option says the Group’s Event Coordinator, Mark Hennys, with ‘celebration’ the biggest motivating factor for booking over the next 12 months. 

Expanding on these predictions, Mark said: “The 2023 AMEX Global Event Trends Forecast reported booming optimism and focus on in-person meetings and events, and that is certainly a trend we are seeing but with the emphasis on people embracing the concept of celebration as the biggest feature of the year.  

“A perfect example of this was the castle party that we helped to produce last year, for Trevor Jones. Billed as last year’s most exclusive crypto event, the party brought more than 300 guests to Scotland from 20 countries across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 

“Lockdowns forced us into virtual events, and that was a fantastic opportunity that kept some of those in the events industry going, but they can never be a substitute for meeting up in person. And there are some events that just aren’t viable if you can’t physically gather together in the same place. 

“We lost so many opportunities to celebrate last year that individuals and corporates are now grabbing the chance to rectify that, and we’re seeing huge enthusiasm for staging all sorts of events, which include celebratory events for staff – from outdoor events to indoor parties, rewarding staff and bringing them together after the loss of so many celebrations, through to award ceremonies, which are back with a bang, and MICE Events. 

“Add to that major sporting events, and there are enormous opportunities for a range of ancillary events in this coming year. Scotland is set to host the world’s biggest cycling event, the 2023 UCI World Cycling Championships, and that’s not just an event for elite riders, it is a chance for everyone to start their own event and celebrate the joys of cycling.  

“Lots of sporting events tie in with the programme or can piggyback onto the buzz surrounding this. We also predict anniversary events for associations and cultural organisations will be big business. For example, 2023 marks 150 years of Scottish football, and there will be an anniversary Heritage Match between the Scotland and England men’s teams – a perfect excuse to stage some events celebrating this landmark. 

“Celtic Connections music festival celebrates its 30th anniversary, and perhaps the biggest international music event of all  – Eurovision – will be hosted in the UK, with additional events likely to be held up and down the country.  

Geoff Crow, Director of 21CC Group Ltd. commented: “The biggest thing about this return to in-person events is that expectations are very high – people have been deprived of face-to-face interaction for two years and are looking for a really exceptional event, so they must deliver the full experience.” 

21CC Group is a Scottish-based events group based outside Edinburgh, established in 1999.  They produce events around the country for corporate groups, festivals, local authorities, and private clients.  

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