Scottish company provides UK IT sector with biggest ever sustainability opportunity

Trevor Evans
Trevor Evans, MD at Consenna

THE IT industry is responsible for 5% of all global carbon emissions and whilst a few big hitters have set distant carbon reduction goals, channel partners are largely unsupported in driving digital sustainability. 

Today that changes with the launch of an entirely free-to-use platform designed to equip IT resellers with an extensive menu of self-serve sustainability marketing campaigns, access to a library of sustainability training, and education modules on what it all means.  That platform, aptly named Carbon, has been developed by Glasgow-based Consenna, the leader in sales growth programmes for global IT companies.

In launching Carbon, Consenna has the vision to create an army of IT industry sustainability ambassadors, equipped to outmanoeuvre their competitors whilst proactively reducing their digital carbon footprint.

Consenna Carbon™ is the simplest, most comprehensive sustainability platform ever made available to resellers as they seek to develop and strengthen their eco-credentials and in doing so, drive sales and effect change. 

Speaking of the launch of Consenna Carbon™, Trevor Evans, MD at Consenna, comments:

“IT devices and accessories are too often treated as throw away items. Pictures of stockpiled e-waste, destined for landfill are heart breaking. We all created that and must unite to fix it.

“We knew that driving greater sustainability in the IT channel didn’t need to be hard, expensive or time consuming. We also knew every reseller, regardless of size, customer focus or specialism, has a role to play.

“With at least 60% of customers willing to pay more for a sustainable product or service and with many organisations, including the public sector, mandating suppliers meet certain sustainability thresholds, Consenna wasn’t prepared to sit by and wait for others to make this vital step change in the way the channel operates.  With Consenna Carbon™, our aim is to onboard more than 1000 resellers this year – that’s a positive difference!”

Consenna Carbon™ provides the IT channel with powerful insights into the performance of selected sustainability messaging, promotions, audience penetration and sales uptake, and in doing so creates a sustainability blueprint for the IT industry that will drive awareness and secure greater change.

Trevor Evans concludes:

“Every year, we witness the increased impact of climate change. The 5% will only reduce when everyone plays their part.  The UN’s Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow later this year will emphasise the importance of collaboration between government, businesses, and civil society to tackle the climate crisis.  Sustainable IT is non-negotiable and now Consenna Carbon™ makes it possible for all IT partners to play a part in making a difference.” 

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