Scottish Building Society partners with Snugg to deliver greener homes for members

Robin Peters (Snugg) and Paul Denton (Scottish Building Society) outside an energy efficient property in the west of Edinburgh

THE WORLD’S oldest remaining building society, Scottish Building Society, has partnered with Snugg to make home energy efficiency simple and affordable for its customers.

The partnership will see Scottish Building Society members provided with personalised plans as well as access to trusted installers and funding options to help with implementation.

In a move to support customers in bringing down energy costs, Snugg will help improve users’ home energy efficiency – in doing so reducing their carbon footprint and their bills.

Two-fifths (40%) of the UK’s CO2 emissions come from homes, with 48 percent of Scottish homes being given an energy performance certificate rating (EPC) of worse than C.[i] In Edinburgh alone, some 47 percent of homes fall beneath the C rating. By improving the energy efficiency of Edinburgh’s homes, the city could save 250,000 tonnes of carbon annually, the equivalent to the weight of all the cars in the city combined.

The partnership with Snugg is the latest in Scottish Building Society’s drive for sustainability.

Users simply put their postcode into Snugg’s online platform, which then locates the property, assesses the potential energy savings, and suggests energy improvements which could be implemented.

Snugg will also provide recommendations for installers, as well as relevant grants which Scottish Building Society members could be eligible for, both of which will help see their energy plan come to fruition.

Members who wish to progress with the energy improvement plan and require additional funding to do so can contact Scottish Building Society to explore their options.

Founded in 1848, Scottish Building Society is celebrating 175 years of providing savings and mortgages products to thousands of members across the UK. 

Paul Denton, CEO, Scottish Building Society, commented: “Everyone has a role in tackling climate change, and that means we do too. Driving change at a local level has an important part to play in helping us to meet the UK’s net zero goals, and partnering with Snugg is one way to do that.

“We can now provide customers with the tools and resources they need to create the greener homes that they want. Working together to improve the energy efficiency of our member’s homes will play an essential role in reducing carbon emissions and keeping our planet green.”

Robin Peters, CEO, Snugg, commented: “Our mission is to make it simple and affordable for everyone to have an energy efficient home. Currently, homes in the UK rank amongst some of the worst in Europe for energy efficiency and over a fifth of UK emissions come from homes.

“While we know that looking after the environment is a long-term investment, partnering with financial institutions such as the Scottish Building Society brings us a step closer to being able to drive real change – not only making a difference to peoples’ pockets, but also the environment.”

Scottish Building Society customers interested in accessing the platform will be able to do so via

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