Scottish automotive firm leads the way with four-day week

The Jerba Campervans team marking their four day week

A SCOTTISH campervan conversion specialist has announced it will adopt a four-day working week from the beginning of 2024.

North Berwick-based Jerba Campervans, has moved its entire workforce, 15, to a four-day week – without any loss in pay.

The employee-owned company will close on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Staff will then work an extra hour from Tuesday to Friday, reducing the official working week from 37.5 hours to 34 hours.

Jerba Campervans is the first automotive company to join the growing number of firms moving to a four-day working week, as part of a campaign by 4 Day Week.

Simon Poole, Co-Founder of Jerba Campervans, said: “We are proud to be pioneering the four-day working week within the automotive industry.

“As a progressive, 100% employee-owned company, we believe this will have wide-ranging benefits for our staff and our business, without negatively impacting upon our customers.

“Reducing working hours while maintaining pay is a positive step forward for our workforce. We are very confident that it will enhance well-being and work-life balance, boost productivity, and help us to both retain and attract talented staff.”

The four-day week programme argues that shortened weeks without loss of pay could improve productivity and staff wellbeing, while also reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

According to its studies, 92% of companies that have taken part in the pilot programme have decided to continue with the four-day week transition.

Jerba Campervans will be the third company which has a presence in Scotland to join the programme.

Joe Ryle, Director of the 4 Day Week Campaign, said: “Congratulations to Jerba Campervans who have recognised that the four-day week with no loss of pay improves productivity, and is a win-win for both workers and employers.

“Workers are desperate for a better work-life balance after Covid and now is the perfect time for companies to implement a shorter working week.

“Organisations should embrace the four-day week as a way of retaining staff, attracting new talent and embracing the future of work.”

The decision comes after the campervan firm received the esteemed Fair Tax Mark certification for a fourth year in a row, recognising its ethical tax behaviour.

Last year Jerba Campervans was also accredited as a living hours employer through the Scottish Living Hours accreditation scheme.

Jerba Campervans became 100% employee-owned in 2018.

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