Scotmid gets behind Scotland Loves Local campaign

Caroline Cuthbertson, manager of Scotmid’s store in Old Mill Road, Uddingston, with a Scotland Loves Local icon

‘The message to think local first is simple but powerful’, chief executive says as community retailer’s sponsorship of drive to support local businesses is announced

SCOTMID has thrown its weight behind the Scotland Loves Local campaign, with its chief executive stressing the critical need for people to choose local.

Scotland’s largest independent retail co-operative is among those sponsoring the drive for people to support the businesses around them as they recover and rebuild from the impact of Covid-19.

Scotmid Chief Executive John Brodie said: “Scotmid’s core purpose is to serve our communities and improve people’s everyday lives, so we are delighted to support an initiative with the same objective.

“Throughout the pandemic, communities have depended on local businesses working tirelessly to meet their changing needs. We must continue to support those who have been there for us; local businesses are a key part of the post-pandemic revival.

“The message to ‘think local first’ is simple but powerful. The future of businesses and jobs around us depends upon the decisions we all make. Choosing local makes a real difference.”

Scotland Loves Local, which is spearheaded by Scotland’s Towns Partnership (STP) and supported by the Scottish Government, is the national drive for people to think local first and prioritise supporting enterprises of every kind in their communities.

And its latest wave of work, being championed by Scotmid staff appearing in a new campaign video, comes with a clear message: It has never been more critical to choose local.

STP Chief Officer Phil Prentice said: “The personal decisions we make about where to spend our money will have a huge impact on the lives and livelihoods of our families, friends and neighbours. Making the right choice – putting the businesses around us first – will ensure we build stronger communities which are fit for the future.

“Scotmid and its staff are among those who have been there like never before for the communities it serves throughout the pandemic – going above and beyond to help their customers when they needed them most.

“We are delighted – and grateful – to them for supporting the Scotland Loves Local campaign. This sponsorship allows us to shout even louder about why it’s so important for us all to show loyalty to our communities and stick with our local businesses.”

Scotmid has 187 convenience stores across Scotland, employing more than 3,000 people.

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