Scotmid donates 400 Pet Aid boxes to Scottish SPCA

Left to Right: Lynne Ogg (Scotmid Communities Manager), Sharon McSorley and Alan MacLeish (both Scotmid Regional Committee Members), Carrie Giannelli (Pet Aid Co-ordinator) and Lily the Beagle.

SCOTMID has donated 400 Pet Aid boxes to the Scottish SPCA’s service to support people and pets who are struggling during the cost-of-living crisis.

The boxes include essential food and care supplies for animals in need and are provided through a network of 42 foodbanks across Scotland.

The Pet Aid service provides crucial support to people who are struggling with the cost of caring for an animal, and demand for the service has skyrocketed due to the continuing cost-of-living crisis.

Last year, calls to the Scottish SPCA’s animal helpline from people looking to sign over their pets trebled. Most people give up their pets as a very last resort, when they feel there is no other option, with the decision often linked to the cost of looking after them.

Pet Aid co-ordinator Carrie Giannelli said: “We would like to thank Scotmid for yet another generous donation to our Pet Aid service.  They kindly donated 100 boxes last year which was amazing but to then give another 400 is absolutely incredible.

“Pet Aid provides support to those who need it most, to keep people with their beloved pets at this very challenging time.

“Many people who call our helpline don’t want to give up their animal but feel they have no choice. Through Pet Aid, we can offer these people vital support and keep people and their pets together.

“No-one should have to give up their pet because they are unable to afford the items they need.

“If you’re struggling with the cost of pet food we can put you in touch with your nearest local food bank offering our Pet Aid service.”

Lynne Ogg, Scotmid Communities Manager, said: “We are proud to continue supporting the Scottish SPCA’s Pet Aid service. We hope that our contribution ensures cherished companions aren’t lost due to financial constraints. We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this valuable service that keeps people and pets together during challenging times.”

Anyone who has concerns about an animal, or needs some advice and support, can call our animal helpline on 03000 999 999. The helpline is open seven days a week, 365 days a year, from 7.30am to 9pm March to October and 7.30am to 8pm November to February.

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