Scotland’s Citizen Ticket launches in-house events promotion arm named Citizen Live

Left to Right: Harpo Scaini, Harry Boisseau and Alesandro Sforza

SCOTLAND-born online ticketing and livestream events platform, Citizen Ticket, has today expanded its UK and European presence through the launch of a new promotion arm, Citizen Live. 

As part of the expansion, the newly formed Citizen Live will host between 80 and 100 events this year in London, further afield in the UK, and Europe. Tickets for Citizen Live will be sold exclusively through Citizen Ticket, with every ticket sold, 5p goes towards planting trees in the UK – making it one of the most sustainable event ticketing platforms on the market. 

The new promotion arm, Citizen Live, will be led by Harpo Scaini & Alesandro Sforza. Between them, Scaini and Sforza have over a decade of industry experience in creating, producing and selling out shows, and have hosted more than 300 events across the UK and Europe. 

To celebrate the launch, Citizen Live will be hosting a launch event at Amazing Grace in London Bridge on Tuesday 28th March. Scaini and Sforza have secured Emma Noble to help mark the monumental night for the brand. Tickets for the event start at £13.50 and can be purchased via the Citizen Ticket website

Harry Boisseau, Co-founder & CEO of Citizen Ticket, said: “We’re delighted to have Harpo and Alesandro on board and look forward to embarking on this next chapter for the business. 

“Through ticketing thousands of events and analysing the data from Citizen Ticket, we can really get a grasp of what ticket purchasers are looking for and what there is demand for. We’re excited to host a wide range of events over the next year.”

Commenting on the launch, Harpo Scaini and Alesandro Sforza, said: “We share a passion for producing live events and we know that every detail matters. We’re excited to launch Citizen Live and continue promoting a strong line-up of events going forward.”

Citizen Live aims to create an established UK-based promoter that can also operate in Europe. It will tailor a live music product, expand a roster of artists, and venues and create the best live shows. The data and marketing reach of the Citizen Ticket platform will help market the shows and feedback data to help understand the type of shows that there is customer appetite for.

In 2023 Citizen Live will host 80-100 events at a mid-capacity range (200 – 600) with plans to focus on a larger scale, higher production and more ambitious live content within the next few years. 

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