Scotland offices to benefit from launch of new global network

Laura Clarkson (OMP of Forvis Mazars in Scotland)

FORVIS Mazars, the newest top 10 global professional services network, has launched as of 1 June. Formed of Mazars, the international audit, tax, and advisory firm, and FORVIS, a top ranked firm in the United States, it will operate from Edinburgh and Glasgow with Mazars existing team and services, providing continuity for clients alongside longer term benefits with time.

Through Forvis Mazars, clients in Scotland will have access to a greater range of services, knowledge and advice, alongside the local expertise they currently receive. The network also enables additional agility to support client enquiries and needs, and will particularly benefit businesses that want to grow or establish their footprint in the US.

The team in Scotland has previously worked with FORVIS across several practice areas, including international private client advice, cross-border financial outsourcing and supporting inbound investment, and will look to deepen and develop these relationships to further enhance capabilities for current and prospective clients. Whether it’s advising multinational corporations on tax-efficient structures or providing guidance to privately owned businesses on expanding internationally, or assisting investors with cross-border opportunities, the new global network will support economic activity for Scotland.

The new network will also provide opportunities for employees in Scotland, such as working on international assignments, secondments and reciprocal training programmes.

Commenting on the launch, Laura Clarkson, Scotland Office Managing Partner at Forvis Mazars, said: “The creation of the Forvis Mazars network is incredibly exciting, creating more opportunities for both our clients and employees in Scotland. It provides our clients with access to additional expertise and capabilities, as well as on the ground support for those that have a footprint in the US or are looking to establish a presence there. We hope that the formation of the network will generate business opportunities, particularly where they align with key Scottish markets such as Life Sciences, hospitality and sustainable tourism.

“We look forward to developing even stronger relationships with our colleagues in the US and providing  our team in Scotland with new opportunities as a result.”

Hervé Hélias, CEO and Chairman, Forvis Mazars .added: “This is a momentous and exciting time for our clients, our profession and our people. Mazars and Forvis have worked together for over 20 years and share a commitment to delivering an outstanding client experience. We are well positioned to deliver excellence, everywhere, under a single global brand. Clients will get consistent, high-quality, comprehensive services worldwide, and we remain agile and flexible to their specific needs. Working together, I am confident that our two firms will continue to empower our people to raise the bar for client service standards, while challenging industry opportunities to support future needs in local markets.”

Forvis Mazars is a top 10 global network and the largest new entrant into the global rankings in decades.

The network comprises:

  • £4bn global revenue
  • 40,000 + people
  • 100+ combined countries and territories
  • 400 + combined offices and locations
  • FORVIS has a similar profile of clients to Mazars with more than 70% of clients being privately owned. 

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