Savvy investing from Woodward Financials gives donation to charity

Sarah Willcox Norfolk

A CHARITY for women with cancer has received a £1,040 donation following savvy investment decisions that were powered by a super algorithm.

David Woodward of Woodward Financials used his innovative algorithm to invest £1,000 of his own money to get the ball rolling. His algorithm made 32 profitable trading opportunities which netted over 200%, with zero losses.

The profits of £1,040 were promptly delivered to David’s desired charity, Victoria’s Promise.

Victoria’s Promise is a non-profit charitable organisation that supports young women who are facing a cancer diagnosis. The charity aims to instil a sense of empowerment and fortitude in these women. This is achieved by providing a nurturing community of like-minded individuals, as well as the tools required to build up their empowerment and resilience.

Sarah Willcox, Norfolk says “Victoria’s Promise and their App have helped me get through one of my hardest journeys of my life. The app has given me the opportunity to meet ladies in similar position and seek support and support others in a safe community. I’ve learnt new skills and gained a different outlook through their webinars to help me get in a  positive place to progress forward in my life.”

David has been working on his profitable in-house algorithm for over 5 years at Woodward Financials, which can be used to identify profitable opportunities in trading markets such as FX and long-term indices including FTSE 100 and Dow Jones.

The algorithm employs complex rules to be used alongside trading applications which can offer keen insights to guide solid investments. As Woodward Financials Ltd is regulated, they cannot trade FX for their clients. Instead, they have developed this incredible resource for clients to find excellent investments for a nominal, 1.25% fee.

David knows the algorithm better than anyone and is more than happy to put it to good use for his clients at Woodward Financials. Applying this algorithm offers a unique edge over other investors, which puts David’s clients in a very comfortable position.

There is more than just wise investment taking place at Woodward Financials, though. David is also known as the ‘Grand Patron’, constantly using his trading and investment skills to fund charitable giving and donations. With the algorithm now in full swing, David’s philanthropic deeds have been supercharged.

David said: “The more investors that become clients of Woodward Financials, the more we’ll be able to help charities like Victoria’s Promise. It’s an excellent way for clients to get involved by nominating their own favourite charities when they work with us.”

Woodward Financials is looking to use its savvy investment strategies to grow more capital for charities. With 50% of all gains going straight to charity, David’s algorithm is bringing philanthropy onto the trading floor.

Woodward Financials

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