Safety body launches industry-wide Wellbeing Survey in support of energy workforce


STEP Change in Safety, the energy industry member-led safety organisation, is proud to announce the launch of a new vital wellbeing survey aimed at the energy sector workforce, in collaboration with the IADC North Sea Chapter and the Marine Safety Forum. The survey opens today (Monday, 24 June 2024) and will close on Monday 26 August.

Recognising the critical importance of mental and physical health in maintaining a safe and productive workplace, Step Change in Safety has developed this survey to gather valuable insights into the wellbeing of employees across the energy industry. The findings will be instrumental in shaping future initiatives and support systems to enhance workforce health and safety.

Craig Wiggins, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety, emphasised the importance of this initiative, “The wellbeing of our workforce is paramount. By launching this industry-wide survey, we aim to understand the current state of wellbeing within the energy industry and identify key areas where we can provide additional support and resources. Our goal is to create a safer, healthier, and more supportive working environment for everyone involved.”

Craig continues, “When employees are physically and mentally healthy, they are more likely to have higher energy levels, focus and cognitive abilities. This, in turn, means they can work safely. We need information for change to be made and to ensure this happens.  The more data we gather, the more influence we can have in our industry.  By completing this survey, the workforce will help us better understand their wellbeing.”

Alan Errington, Co-chair of the Step Change in Safety Wellbeing Group, echoed these sentiments, “The statistics speak for themselves with a third of UK workers currently experiencing a health, wellbeing or mental health issue and 39% of the workforce having taken time off work or reduced their responsibilities due to a wellbeing issue.* This survey is a crucial step towards better understanding the unique challenges faced by our industry’s workforce. We encourage all employees to participate and share their experiences. The data collected will help us develop targeted strategies to address wellbeing issues and promote a stronger culture of safety and care across the energy industry.”

The wellbeing survey is designed to be comprehensive yet user-friendly, covering various aspects of physical and mental health, workplace environment, and overall job satisfaction. It is open to all employees within the energy sector, including offshore and onshore workers, contractors, and support staff and takes around ten minutes to complete.

Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary and anonymous, ensuring that all responses are kept confidential. The results will be analysed and used to inform the development of new programmes, resources and initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing of the energy industry workforce.

Step Change in Safety invites all energy sector employees to participate in this important industry-wide survey and contribute to the ongoing efforts to enhance safety and wellbeing across the industry.

For more information about the wellbeing survey and to participate, please visit

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