Rising total of consumers want sustainable packaging and products and how businesses can adapt 

A recent study shows that up to 77% of consumers agree businesses should use the least among of packaging possible. (Image courtesy of Protega Global)

SUSTAINABILITY is a critical consideration in the minds of businesses and consumers alike nowadays. One of the hottest topics in the sustainability community is eco-packaging. Traditional packaging is often single-use and plastic heavy making it the opposite of sustainable. With the increase in interest in sustainable businesses and practices have come some excellent options for sustainable packaging. 

If you want to learn more about sustainable packaging for your business, you’re in the right place. You’ll need to understand your packaging needs and the options available that you could use in place of less sustainable alternatives. The process can be time consuming, but the results will be well worth it.  

Know The Facts 

As a first step, it is vital to understand the demand for sustainable packaging in the UK. A recent study shows that up to 77% of consumers agree businesses should use the least among of packaging possible. In addition, almost 50% of people surveyed said they would pay more for sustainable packaging and delivery options. This shows that no business can ignore the essential nature of sustainable packaging.  

Understand Your Packaging Needs 

The next crucial step is to assess your packaging needs. Consider how much packaging you currently use, what its purpose is, how you brand it and what stressors it needs to withstand. Once you have a comprehensive view of your packaging needs, you can start to look for sustainable packaging alternatives. Consider using recyclable or recycled materials for the best results.  

Find A Suitable Packaging Business Partner 

Partnering with a dedicated sustainable packaging business to supply your packaging can be invaluable. You should look at the options available and have a discussion with the companies you are considering about your needs regarding packaging. Take a look at the information from Polythene UK about thinking sustainably about polythene and to get a better idea of the type of business partners you should be seeking out.  

Set Targets And Deadlines 

Having a goal to work towards can help motivate yourself and your team, so when implementing your new packaging, it is best to give yourself a deadline to achieve. Ensure you plan out each phase of the new packaging strategy, from planning to implementation.  

It may help to appoint a team to make sustainable packaging their crucial focus. You should ensure that the targets and deadlines you set are ambitious but realistic, as impossible deadlines can demotivate even the most dedicated teams.  

Market Your Sustainability Credentials 

With any significant innovation and shift in policy, it is a good idea to ensure that your customers learn about them. With so many people across the UK considering green packaging to be an essential consideration, you will need to ensure your customer base knows that you are taking the proper steps.  

Consider launching an advertising campaign focused on your new green initiatives. You could include content on your blog and social media profiles explaining the steps you’re taking to improve sustainability in your business and encouraging customers to get in touch if they have questions or suggestions.

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