Revealed: the best Areas of Scotland for remote work

West Dunbartonshire (Photo: VisitScotland)

WEST Dunbartonshire has been ranked as the best area of Scotland for remote workers, according to a study analysing several factors influencing remote workability.

Free digital tool provider TinyWow analysed several factors including average internet download speeds, house prices, household energy and gas consumption, distance to green space and the proportion of houses with garden access.

Each area was given a total score out of 100, with internet accessibility, home prices and energy consumption weighted as the most important factors within each area’s overall score for remote working.

West Dunbartonshire was found to be the best area for remote working in Scotland, with an overall score of 75.53 out of 100. The area was found to have the country’s fastest internet speeds, averaging 154.8 Mbps download speeds, and a staggering 90% of homes were reported to have ultrafast broadband speeds of 100 Mbps or more.

The area also scored well for affordable housing, offering the fourth lowest house prices in Scotland, at an average sale price of £137,869. West Dunbartonshire was also found to offer the shortest distance to public green space, with its residents being just 0.29 kilometres from the nearest park, public garden or playing field on average.

North Lanarkshire ranked as Scotland’s second-best area for remote work. It offers the fifth fastest internet download speeds on average at 143.7 Mbps, and the fifth lowest house sale prices at £139,330 on average. The area also ranked as the fourth best for proximity to public green space, with homes being just 0.33 kilometres away from the nearest green space on average.

Renfrewshire ranked as the third best place in Scotland for remote work with a score of 69.81 out of 100. It offered the second-best ultrafast broadband coverage behind Dundee City, with 90.6% of residents having access to download speeds of 100 Mbps or more. Renfrewshire average home sale prices were found to be £153,208, making them the eighth cheapest in Scotland.

Dundee City ranked as the fourth best area for remote work with a score of 69.56, while Falkirk ranked fifth with a score of 68.78 out of 100.

Argyll and Bute ranked as the least remote work friendly area in Scotland, offering the lowest internet download speeds of 46.3 Mbps and only 4% of homes equipped with ultrafast broadband. Homes in the area were also reported to have the second-highest electricity consumption and the fourth-highest gas consumption.

A spokesperson for TinyWow commented:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated the public’s awareness of and interest in remote working over the past few years. While many have since been keen to return to the office, overall demand for remote work across the UK only seems to be increasing.

“In fact, recent Google Trends data shows that search interest for ‘remote work jobs’ reached its highest point in five years, during the first week of January 2023, highlighting that many are eager to engage with this new way of working.

“Internet access, affordability of housing and access to public and private green space are all important factors to consider when accessing the longevity of working from home. For those seeking a role in an industry that facilitates remote work, it’s worth evaluating which aspects of work are the most important to you, and whether your home setting can provide them.” 

Areas of Scotland ranked for Remote Working 

# Area of Scotland Remote work score / 100 
1. West Dunbartonshire 75.53  
2. North Lanarkshire 70.53  
3. Renfrewshire 69.81  
4. Dundee City 69.56  
5. Falkirk 68.78  
6. Glasgow City 68.23  
7. Inverclyde 66.84  
8. City of Edinburgh 65.58  
9. West Lothian 64.28  
10. East Ayrshire 63.09  
11. South Lanarkshire 62.58  
12. Aberdeen City 61.63  
13. East Dunbartonshire 61.16  
14. Clackmannanshire 60.37  
15. North Ayrshire 60.08  
16. South Ayrshire 59.16  
17. Fife 58.96  
18. Midlothian 58.70  
19. East Renfrewshire 57.17  
20. East Lothian 51.79  
21. Moray 50.69  
22. Angus 50.27  
23. Stirling 49.98  
24. Scottish Borders 48.60  
25. Perth And Kinross 47.95  
26. Dumfries And Galloway 47.89  
27. Na H-eileanan Siar 45.53  
28. Highland 45.27  
29. Aberdeenshire 43.48  
30. Argyll And Bute 38.92 

The full data table can be found here:

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