Red Stag Materials have the exclusive distribution rights to EZ Street Asphalt in the UK

BUILDER’S Merchants offered unique solution to ensure they benefit from UK Government’s Infrastructure Spend

As the UK government is poised to inject additional funds into the road maintenance and infrastructure sector, Builder’s Merchants are in a perfect position to take advantage of the influx according to industry experts Red Stag Materials.

According to Grant Shewan, MD of road maintenance supplier Red Stag Materials, cold asphalt solutions to pothole problems offer a unique opportunity for Builder’s Merchants to supply effective pothole solutions to the public and private sector.

This comes after Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced £640bn of gross capital investment into the UK’s roads, railways, schools, hospitals, and power networks by the end of the parliamentary term.

This investment, which amounts to triple the average investment made on infrastructure, means an additional 2.5bn added to the pothole repair fund aimed at addressing the significant backlog that already exists in the UK.

One such cold asphalt solution, EZ Street, a product manufactured by Red Stag Materials, is already being supplied to councils up and down the country to conduct vital road repairs.

Unlike hot asphalt, normally purchased in large quantities directly from plants, EZ Street 1-tonne and 22kg bulk bags have a long shelf life, meaning that Builder’s Merchants can stock them and sell them directly to where they are needed.

EZ Street is already being used across the country from the north of Scotland to the south of England by councils looking for a permanent pothole repair solution.

Brian Allison, a Depot Supervisor with the Renfrewshire Council for over 23 years said “ EZ Street is conveniently packaged in 1-ton bags making it ideal for loading onto vehicles, the operatives find it easy to use as the material once loaded stays pliable and can be treated like hot material.

“Once compacted the material binds and remains within the repair, and there is no lateral movement or creeping over the joints. Cosmetically the material looks like any other DBM and blends in with the surrounding materials. We have had no issue with loss of stone or material failing even in high volume/impact areas making this an excellent product when conventional materials are not available.”

Grant Shewan, Managing Director of Red Stag Materials said “EZ Street is a fully HAPAS approved permanent repair cold asphalt. With the 1-tonne and 22kg bags available to buy being totally unique to the UK market. This gives builders merchants the chance to stock it and in doing so be involved in the sort of larger projects that they wouldn’t have had the stock for before.”

“What makes EZ Street so attractive to councils is that it can be stored and used when needed, rather than hot asphalt solutions that require heavy plant and significantly more manpower.”

“As more and more councils, utility contractors and civil engineers begin to turn to EZ Street for the benefits it provides, Builder’s Merchant’s are uniquely placed to be able to capitalise from the rising popularity of EZ Street, and benefit from the infrastructure spend as a result.“

“We’re looking forward to working with Builder’s Merchants and help them make the most of what is a really exciting time in the road maintenance and infrastructure sector as we come out of lockdown. For any merchants that are looking to find out more info, we can be reached via our website or email”

Due to how easy it is to store and stockpile EZ Street, Red Stag Materials has been able to assist local governments across the UK during the COVID-19 lockdown. The company has been able to supply the local government with 100s of tonnes of EZ Street Asphalt, transported across the country to meet the needs of councils and local authorities. To view their products for yourself, go to their website

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