Red Stag Materials expand product line to become a one-stop-shop for road surfacing contractors

Red Stag Materials demonstrate EZ Street Cold Asphalt permenant pothole repair

RED Stag Materials entered the market in 2018 with a game-changing cold asphalt solution that has revolutionised the highway maintenance sector for many local authorities.

Now in an exciting move, they are expanding their product line to include a range of premium road maintenance supplies becoming a one-stop-shop for the road surfacing contractors.

Red Stag Materials can offer a solution to the age-old problem of filling potholes after acquiring the exclusive UK distribution rights to EZ Street asphalt, an innovative, weather-resistant, cold-patch, pothole solution that cuts costs and increases the efficiency of road repairs.

The company has already joined forces with several local authorities across the country to meet their pothole repair needs during the Covid-19 lockdown crisis by turning pothole repairs into a one-man job, saving money on man-hours, plant hire, and storage costs.

Now local governments, private companies and individuals will be able to find a wide variety of paving products all under one roof, with products ranging from premium quality cut-off saws, asphalt release agents, bitumen remover, limestone chippings, thermoplastic line roll and dust suppressant equipment in the form of portable pressurised bottles.

Portable pressurised bottles are highly convenient, especially in remote locations where access to a direct water supply is limited making it the most flexible method of dust suppression as the necessary equipment can be transported too anywhere.

The pressurised dust suppression bottles can be attached to their new Stihl TS410  and TS420 cut-off saw featuring 300m and 350mm diameter blades that can cut through various materials and its long-life filter system makes for low maintenance use on site. The cut-off saw utilises reduced-emission engine technology resulting in a 20% lower fuel consumption than regular 2-stroke engines, as well as lower exhaust emissions and a reduced weight for better control, without compromising on power and durability.

Grant Shewan, Red Stag Materials’ managing director said: “We at Red Stag Materials are excited to bring a range of new equipment into our product line.

“The new products were specifically chosen by our team of longstanding industry professionals for their quality and longevity. We have brought some of the best products in the market under one roof.

“Red Stag Materials are confident that our products and methodology can make a difference to the highway maintenance sector by changing how road repairs are typically carried out across the UK. The industry is currently facing a crisis. UK roads are deteriorating faster than they can be repaired using traditional heavy plant methods and the sector has been facing budget cuts year on year. We believe that our best-selling product EZ Street is the solution to the sector’s pothole problems.

“We are looking forward to working with more local authorities and private businesses to help them get the best results out of our products and our experience.”

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