Reassessing the definition of a leader

Martin Ewart, podcast co-host and Taranata Group CEO

LEADING recruitment professionals consider the evolving nature and gender inequality of business leadership in 2020 ahead of new podcast launch

Two leading business specialists have joined forces with Scotland’s podcast network The Big Light to create a series of podcasts aimed at supporting Scotland’s business community in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Martin Ewart and Suzanne Lamont between them have more than 40 years’ experience leading people and organisational change. Podcast co-host and Taranata Group CEO Martin Ewart, said: “Throughout this podcast series we will aim to examine the art and science of business and leadership as companies learn to adapt to forced change and begin to fundamentally rethink their pre-COVID working patterns.

“I think there have been a great deal of positives which have come from the move to sudden remote working, for example I have a much better work, life balance as I’m now able to exercise most mornings at home before work and also I have much more intimacy with my colleagues and clients, speaking far more often.

“There’s no doubt leadership has changed – there’s a new complicity to it. Leadership used to be about setting a direction, building a strategy and helping people grow to deliver results but now you have loss of trust, risk resilience, digitisation acceleration and work/life blend demands to name a few, and it will be interesting to see the response from current leaders and how future leaders will be shaped.”

Global talent and organisation health expert, Hanya Managing Partner and podcast co-host, Suzanne Lamont, said: “Through speaking to my peer groups and networks there have been a wide range of challenges on us all throughout 2020, with clear themes emerging in the different experiences faced when viewed through gender or career level perspectives. These are conversations that should not just be kept to peers but also be discussed and nurtured on a larger platform and we hope this podcast can facilitate this as we strive for true equality in the workplace.

“This series will have leaders and leadership at its core, discussing and tackling issues from supply chain disruptions and worst-case economic scenarios, to remote working challenges, mass unemployment and crisis response strategies. By recording the series on a weekly basis and interviewing different guests, we will be able to discuss current topics and concerns and give real, honest opinions amidst the ever-changing business landscape of 2020 and beyond.

“Primarily we will be looking to support and educate the Scottish business community but this is a podcast for everyone and we hope to inspire current and future leaders.”

The Big Light Productions ‘Trust Me, I’m a Leader’ weekly podcast series launches this month with the first episode streaming from Wednesday 21 October.

Janice Forsyth, The Big Light Co-Founder, said: “I’m thrilled that The Big Light is working with Martin and Suzanne, two business leaders who are brilliant communicators. This series will be a fascinating listen, not only for the business community in Scotland and beyond, but also for podcast fans around the world who are eager for insights into how all kinds of leaders are responding to these  challenging times.”

Episode one of ‘Trust Me, I’m a Leader’ is titled ‘Going back? It isn’t an option’ and includes an interview with Bridget Farrands, international consultant, coach and author of ‘Lost in Transition’ and ‘Leadership Transitions’. The in-depth discussion between Bridget, Suzanne and Martin will delve into how the leadership role has changed and what great leaders will now need to focus on.

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