Rangers FC confirms CryoAction as its official cryotherapy supplier

Rangers FC has chosen CryoAction as its official cryotherapy supplier, as the race for the Scottish Premier League title intensifies

RANGERS FC has chosen CryoAction as its official cryotherapy supplier, as the race for the Scottish Premier League title intensifies.

The Scottish Premier League club has partnered with the leading innovators in cryotherapy to deliver increased gains in performance, and speed up injury recovery times, as the club completes a packed schedule of fixtures.

The state-of-the-art CryoAction chamber accommodates up to six people at a time, and has been installed at the Hummel Training Centre. It will give players regular access to whole-body, medical quality, cryotherapy, which can reach sub-zero temperatures of -160 degrees.

The treatment, used by a number of world-class sports people and Premier League clubs, will help players enhance their training regimes and recovery schedules, as well as reduce inflammation, improve sleep and even increase energy levels.

The extreme cold chambers help to relieve and remedy the intense pain and detrimental effects of an injury, and the over exertion of muscles, tendons and ligaments during training and competitive matches.

Jordan Milsom, head of performance at Rangers FC, said: “We are delighted to announce this official supplier partnership with CryoAction. As a club, we felt CryoAction was the leading company in the industry and a perfect partner to enhance the recovery and performance services provided to our players.

“This squad has to deal with a game every three-four days, and the physical and mental strain associated with this is high. It is our job to help the players return to their physical and mental baseline as quickly as possible – in preparation for the next game – and CryoAction helps facilitate this process. Since its installation, over the past six months, we have seen subjective and objective benefits of this modality and it has become firmly ingrained in the players daily routine.”

David Morris, co-founder and director of CryoAction, said: “Performing at the highest level, week in week out, requires a supreme level of training, however recovery is often overlooked. Adding the best quality recovery treatments to its already fantastic training schedule will set the club apart, and allow its players to perform more intensely and for longer periods of time.

“We are proud to be partnering with a club steeped in so much history and success, and providing its players with the very latest cryotherapy technology. This is our first installation in a Scottish football club, so it will be exciting to see the players and club outperform its competition on the pitch, this season and beyond.”

CryoAction is a leader in the development and supply of cryotherapy chambers. It has installed chambers for elite sports people, major sports franchises and the general public across the world, in stadia, spas, gyms, training grounds and domestic residences.

To find out more about CryoAction, its extreme cold chambers, and whole-body treatment, visit www.cryoaction.com.

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