PUBG Mobile: Tips And Tricks To Become An Ace Player


PUBG Mobile created a buzz when it stepped into the gaming industry. Within the first week, the game earned more than 60 million players from just Southeast Asia. Today, it’s one of the most famous video games globally.

Competitive gaming had once enjoyed a restricted sphere within PCs until the release of PUBG. Gamers can now enjoy competitive gaming on mobile. It’s one of the key reasons behind their popularity. However, other factors contributing to its worldwide popularity include the game physics, the royale pass, the battle royale genre, and especially, the ranked mode.

The ranked mode is a crucial factor that allots ranks to players depending on their performance. Every player wants to rank higher. But it becomes more challenging to achieve it as you advance, especially if you’re a new player.

Among the eight rankings, ACE is the most difficult to achieve. But with a few tips and safe PUBG cheats, you can quickly become an ACE player by winning many matches. Let’s find them out here!

  1. Know your X factors and strengths.

PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer video game featuring many player roles, including Sniper, Lazy Burm, Shotgun Lover, Gunslinger, and Camper. However, always stick to your playing style.

If you are good at fighting, you can go head-on into it. But try your best not to die! You can use grenades and smoke to charge into a house. Reversely, find a camp and safe areas in the grass or a place for avoiding fights till the end.

So it’s essential to understand your strengths and play accordingly.

  1. Land in secluded places

In PUBG Mobile, the real deal is to survive. Survival rating is one of the top three essential things in the game. And you can increase this rating to stay in the game longer.

Hot drops are prevalent in this game, characterized by many farms or buildings. Thus, players get captivated by it and attempt to kill enemies. So always try to land in some hidden places rather than hot spots.

Avoiding hot drops will keep you away from fighting and help you stay alive.

  1. Follow the Blue Zone

A pro tip is to keep following the blue zone. Wait for a new zone by staying closer to the circle. After getting to the new zone, edge in and set your camp near the border.

As a result, you can always be cautious of players or danger. You will eventually get multiple bots kills.

  1. Earn some kills.

Another critical rating is killing. So you must earn some kills.

You don’t have to enter into unnecessary fights with actual players. You can camp in a place from which you can fight enemies and gain some kills.

If you stay around the Blue Zone, you will get many bots to thrash.

  1. Choose the perfect weapons.

In PUBG Mobile, you can pick up weapons from different houses. Each gun is one-of-a-kind. For instance, some weapons have a better spread, while others possess a better range. On the other hand, you will find some weapons that recoil less and some that reload much faster.

You have to choose weapons as per the game. When charging a house, you will require a gun with a range like a UZI, a pistol, or a shotgun. Reversely, an M416 or a sniper must be used to shoot enemies from a considerable distance or across a field.

Please find out the details of all weapons in the PUBG Mobile game and become masters of them gradually.

  1. Pick things up wisely.

Remember that your backpack has a limited amount of space. If you carry enough stuff in it, you may run out of reach quickly. So you must pick and use things wisely.

For example, if you have packed a Gas can in your backpack, empty it by filling up your car as soon as possible, freeing up a lot of space.

Note that certain things occupy substantial space, so choose items you want to carry tactfully. If you have old bullets, eliminate them because they consume space. On the other hand, you can select guns with different features.

  1. Heal yourself after getting damaged.

It may sound quirky to let a bot do damage to you. But it’s not! Healing is another essential aspect that will improve your rating.

If you see a bot, let it harm you a little bit at first. Then, heal yourself after killing the bot. Keep your first-aid kit ready. Plus, carry enough energy boosters with you.

Moreover, follow the advice mentioned above about staying near the blue zone. You will have the advantage of going out to deal damage and then returning to the zone to heal.


So these are the best tips and tricks you can follow to become an ACE player. Don’t wait! Go ahead with your game!

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