Product Guru returns with disruptive retail events featuring major UK retailers

The latest Snacking Huddle event was held on the 28th September

FOLLOWING an overwhelmingly positive response to their sold-out March Huddles retail hybrid events, Glasgow-based retail tech startup Product Guru returned with four new Huddles events in Snacking, Chocolate & Confectionery, Wellbeing, and Skin & Body Care Events. Each event brought together UK-based and international brands for a day of networking and interaction.  

Huddles disrupt the standard trade show format by connecting brands and retailers in an innovative approach both live and virtually. Each event featured up to fifty challenger brands with a line-up of both regional and national retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Whole Foods, ASDA, QVC, Medino, Lloyd’s Pharmacy, Moto Way, WHSmith, World Duty Free, Fenwick, Capital Hair & Beauty and more.  

Simon Coyle, CEO of Product Guru, said the continued success and positive feedback of Huddles show the real need to streamline buyer and supplier relationships in the industry: “We’ve worked closely with challenger brands and retailers to support each of their needs and identify pathways to make it easier to connect. Huddles paves a way in the industry to re-think the way we bring together brands and buyers.”  

The difference in the Huddles formula is guaranteed meetings with each retailer in attendance, rather than traditional retail where brands need to gain a buyer’s attention in order to interact. Additionally, each Huddle features two other packages for brands that are unable to attend LIVE. Brands can get their products straight into buyers’ hands through sampling or showcase their brand video while buyers sample their products through the 4D package.  

Co-Founder Joe Taylor of Snacking Huddle Brand Real Handful saw real benefit for their brand in the Huddles format: “Really big fan of the format. It’s great to get in front of people face-to-face. The ten-minute format is enough time to cover getting to know customer needs and establish first point of contact.”  

Since Huddles’ inception, Product Guru worked closely with retail partners to identify their needs and help foster new connections with brands. Simon Remington, Head buyer from Mid-Counties Co-Op, shared: “It’s the first time I’ve attended a Huddle and it has been absolutely amazing. The choice of brands we saw, the whole two days to the event organization has been incredible. Lots of brands that I’ll be able to take back to my team.”  

Huddles is set to return and repeat their success for 2023 with over a dozen Huddle events planned in categories including Pet, Haircare, Spirits, Gift Food & Drink, and more.  

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