Privatising Channel 4 not in the public interest

Privatising Channel 4 will weaken its ability to deliver programmes in the public interest, Cabinet Secretary for Culture Angus Robertson has said.

Following a meeting with Channel 4 Chief Executive Alex Mahon, Mr Robertson said he strongly supports the public service broadcasting system and the unique role Channel 4 has in investing in and supporting development of the independent production sector.

The Cabinet Secretary met Ms Mahon to hear details about the channel’s wider plans following the launch of a consultation on privatisation by the UK Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Mr Robertson added: “It was helpful and instructive to have the chance to talk about the future of Channel 4 with Alex Mahon. It is clear to me that if the channel is sold to the private sector, Scotland will lose the strong momentum and valuable partnerships that it has built with our creative sector.

“In particular we oppose any plans that could jeopardise the important and distinctive role Channel 4 plays supporting innovative independent production in Scotland, its ability to reach and represent diverse audiences and foster new creative talent, as well as its role in providing accurate and trustworthy news.

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