Planning application submitted for mixed-use development at Gilston

A Landscape Masterplan of the mixed use development in Gilston

A PLANNING application for Gilston Park, a major mixed-use development on land to the east of Gilston Farm and Gilston Crescent, Polmont, has been submitted to Falkirk Council.

The Planning Permission in Principle application, lodged by landowner Hansteen Land Ltd, includes the development of a 55.6-hectare site allocated within Falkirk Council’s Local Development Plan.

This is suitable for a mix of uses, including residential, commercial, retail, associated infrastructure, and green space. Detailed planning applications will follow to establish detailed designs, layouts, and uses. 

The principal elements of the proposed development are:

·        Residential land for circa 500 homes, including 125 homes of affordable tenures (25%)

·        A mixed-use area of land at the north-eastern part of the site with employment, retail, commercial and community uses and a new neighbourhood centre

·        A major new area of connected parks and a wetland area over half of the site area (c. 27 ha) incorporating ecological habitat areas and linked by green corridors and active travel routes, with potential for recreation and sports areas

·        Transportation works including provision of new path networks, secondary access via a new roundabout on Gilston Crescent, provision for a new bus route through the site and conversion of Nicolton Road into an active travel route

·        Associated SUDS, landscaping and engineering works

Gilston Park will create jobs, both during the construction phase, and later for businesses. It is anticipated that up to 300 jobs will be generated as a result of the project. This submission was informed by a comprehensive consultation process with stakeholders and the local community. It was undertaken online due to the temporary suspension of public events for major planning applications because of COVID 19.

The dedicated website set up for the consultation process gave details of the outline masterplan approach and sought feedback or any alternative approaches from the public. 

Feedback received stressed the importance of community facilities and infrastructure (particularly schools, healthcare, and transportation) and the delivery of new housing at Gilston. It also included general support for the new housing and business opportunities presented, including a desire for new green spaces.

Commenting on the planning application, Ken Haldane, a consultant to Hansteen Land Ltd, said:

“Our vision for this area is to provide an attractive new neighbourhood with housing and business opportunities over the next 10 years. The development will play a major role in supporting economic recovery and delivering investment and jobs.

“In order to shape this planning application, online consultation was undertaken with the local community and we would like to thank them for their time and contribution to this process during these difficult times. We note the importance highlighted by the community about the range and function of local infrastructure being adversely impacted by this development.

“We can offer new services or facilities within the site, such as healthcare or a nursery, should it be of interest to local providers. Delivery of the proposals will also bring development contributions towards any improvements to existing facilities. Further community and stakeholder consultation will be held in the future, including each stage of detailed proposals for individual phases”. 

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