Pladis Action Group proposal to secure manufacturing jobs in Glasgow

Kate Forbes

THE Pladis Action Group will today table a fresh proposal to the company’s management, in a further attempt to agree on a way forward that would secure the McVitie’s manufacturing jobs in Glasgow.

This follows extensive work carried out by the Action Group to explore all potential options to maintain the manufacturing plant in the city.

Economy Secretary Kate Forbes said:

“The Action Group have together worked at pace to identify and explore options to secure the future of these crucial manufacturing jobs in Glasgow.

“I would hope and expect the senior management at Pladis to now study the proposals carefully, and to engage with the Action Group on them in a constructive and thorough manner.”

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said:

“The partners across the Action Group have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to pull this counter-proposal together. This proposal is compelling and would secure a future for Pladis in the city. I trust they will give it the consideration it deserves.”

GMB Scotland Organiser David Hume said:

“We believe the proposal offers Pladis everything it needs to maintain manufacturing in the East End of Glasgow for the next generation, ensuring employment and opportunity for the local community that depends on it.

“It also represents months of hard work on behalf of the unions and action group representatives to support the workforce, who are fighting so hard for their futures. It sets out the way forward and everyone should be positive that Pladis will look favourably on it.”

Unite Industrial Officer Pat McIlvogue said:

“The trade unions along with the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring forward a commercially viable alternative to the closure of the McVitie’s plant at Tollcross.

“We believe that the proposal put forward to build a new factory on a nearby site will produce efficiency savings and make this one of the most advanced biscuit manufacturing sites in the UK. Unite is asking that Pladis the owners of the factory study and positively engage with us on this proposal because we believe that everyone can win from this most importantly the hundreds of jobs at stake in the local community.”

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