Perthshire Adventure Park announces ‘ultimate passes’ for families this autumn

Action Glen has announced two brand-new day passes for families and thrill seekers to enjoy this autumn (Phot credit: Kenny Smith)

Passes will unlock unlimited access to 15 thrilling activities at Action Glen throughout October-

ONE OF Scotland’s best loved activity parks Action Glen has announced two brand-new day passes for both families and thrill seekers alike to enjoy this autumn.

From Friday 29 September until Sunday 5 November, visitors will be able to unlock access to an incredible 15 rip-roaring activities during just one visit, thanks to Glen’s Activity Day Pass.

Daredevils will have the chance to set their pulses racing in a thrilling game of woodland combat, before soaring among the stunning Perthshire tree line on the Aloft zip lines and testing their nerve in a skilful archery session as part of the huge range of activities the ticket offers.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer to keep both feet firmly on the ground and cheer on from a distance, visitors can opt for Glen’s Adventure Day Pass which includes unlimited access to Glen’s Adventure Park and its impressive crazy golf course. 

The limited-time day passes are being run as part of a new ticketing trial for Action Glen, with the team hopeful it will streamline the way guests book their activities in the future.

Michael Crawford, manager of Action Glen, said: “We’re really excited to see how Glen’s Activity and Adventure Day Passes will open up a world of adventure for our guests.

“Instead of booking each activity individually, our brand-new ticketing options will make sure our adventurers get the most out of their time with us.

“Whether you are a thrill seeker who is keen to throw yourself into as many activities as possible, or a top cheerleader enjoying the action from the sidelines, these really are the ultimate activity passes for absolutely anyone visiting Action Glen this autumn.”

There are a huge range of activities included in Glen’s Activity Day Pass, including: Aloft Treetop Adventures (aged 7+); archery (ages 6+); air rifles (8+); axe throwing (ages 12+); woodland combat (ages 6+); Pinzgauer safari (ages 3+); Glen’s Adventure Park (ages 3+); Mini Land Rovers (ages 3+); quad pods (ages 3+); crazy golf (ages 3+); disc foot/rugby/golf (ages 3+) and zip line (ages 7+).

Meanwhile, Glen’s Adventure Ticket includes crazy golf (ages 3+), disc foot/rugby/golf (ages 3+) and Glen’s Adventure Park (ages 3+).

Prices start from £15. To book your Activity or Adventure Day Pass, and to explore the wide range of activities on offer at Action Glen, visit:

Action Glen is located within the grounds of the iconic Crieff Hydro Hotel in Perthshire.

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