Paul Black partners with Royal Bank of Scotland to help 9 in 10 Scots struggling with their to-do lists

Scottish Comedian Paul Black

COMEDIAN and TikTok star Paul Black has partnered with Royal Bank of Scotland to encourage young people across Scotland to clear their to-do list and take the first vital steps towards their goals.  

The struggle to start is real as new research from Royal Bank of Scotland shows that 94% of 18-34-year-olds in Scotland with a to-do list are finding it hard to tick something off. Nearly half (47%) admitted they were putting off making a budget, while a quarter (25%) are procrastinating when it comes to learning a new hobby. 

It also appears Scots are struggling to set aside time for themselves and their loved ones, with nearly a third (29%) saying that finding a moment to catch up with friends and family is still on their list, while another two in every five (42%) are planning to make time for self-care.  

The research is part of the bank’s Tomorrow Begins Today campaign, which aims to empower people to take actions today in order to achieve their goals sooner. Paul Black has been out and about helping people tick off items from their own to do lists – from selling preloved clothes online, to finally getting around to building flat-pack furniture kits that have been gathering dust.  

With this new campaign, Royal Bank is on a mission to help young people achieve their goals by taking the small, actionable steps needed to make them a reality.  

Commenting on the campaign, Paul said: “Whether it’s life admin or creative thinking, I know that I’m often guilty of ignoring certain things on my own to-do list, so it was great to have the chance to help other people blast through theirs.  

“From selling second hand clothes to some light DIY, I’ve even picked up a few new skills myself, I don’t think I’ll become a home improvement influencer any time soon mind!” 

Judith Cruickshank, Chair of the Scotland Board at Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “Everyone is feeling the strain at the moment, so it’s more important than ever that we’re equipping people with the tools and support they need in order to make their dreams a reality. 

“Big things like saving for a flat or a new car might feel like a pipe dream at times, but when you break them down into smaller, realistic goals it feels much more achievable. 

“Royal Bank of Scotland is committed to improving financial capability across the nation and we’re here to help when it comes to making a plan that works for you.” 

Royal Bank has a range of tools and services to support with money management and offers every person in Scotland a free Financial Health Check. Royal Bank of Scotland’s award-winning app also includes new ‘spending’ and ‘savings’ tabs, which allows customers to easily understand where their money is going and how they’re tracking against their goals. 

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