Pathways Forward initiative appoints advisory group to advance women in entrepreneurship

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Pathways Forward, launched after the Scottish Government’s commissioned report, appoints Carolyn Jameson, Prof. Eleanor Shaw OBE, Jo Forster, Darina Garland, and Mark Logan OBE to its Advisory Group. The initiative aims to address barriers for women entrepreneurs in Scotland.

PATHWAYS FORWARD, launched in September following the publication of the Scottish Government-commissioned Pathways: A New Approach For Women in Entrepreneurship report in February 2023, has appointed an Advisory Group to work alongside Pathways Forward Chair Ana Stewart to amplify and progress the recommendations outlined in the Stewart Report.

Carolyn Jameson, experienced at scaling businesses with roles including Chief Trust and Consumer Officer at Trustpilot, joins the Advisory Board. She comments, “I am honoured to contribute to an initiative that aims to address barriers for women in entrepreneurship. This collective effort is crucial for fostering diversity and inclusivity in the business landscape.”

Professor Eleanor Shaw OBE, Dean and Head of the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Business School, also joins the Advisory Board, bringing her expertise in entrepreneurship strategy. She states, “The Advisory Group’s formation reflects a commitment to advancing women in entrepreneurship. I look forward to leveraging my expertise for meaningful contributions.”

In October, the Scottish Government allocated £2.9 million of funding for entrepreneurs, including women, split between the Ecosystem Fund and the new Pre-Start Pathways Fund. This funding aligns with the recommendations of the Stewart Report, aiming to establish pop-up ‘pre-start’ centres across Scotland. These centres will facilitate easier access to entrepreneurial pathways for women.

Jo Forster, Industry Lead for the Rose Review, becomes part of the Advisory Group, using her experience as a senior marketing and communications executive to work towards removing barriers for female entrepreneurship. She expresses, “Being part of Pathways Forward is an opportunity to actively contribute to removing barriers for female entrepreneurship. I believe in collaborative efforts for positive change.”

Darina Garland, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Ooni, known as the world’s biggest pizza oven company, is part of the Advisory Group. She remarks, “I’m excited to be part of an initiative that seeks to empower women in entrepreneurship. Ooni’s success demonstrates the potential for impactful change in the business landscape.”

Mark Logan OBE, the Scottish Government’s chief entrepreneurial adviser, and co-author of the Pathways report, is another addition to the Advisory Group. He states, “Pathways Forward is a vital initiative, and I’m committed to supporting its goals. By combining our expertise, we can make significant strides toward a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Ana Stewart commented on the formation of the Advisory Group, stating, “So many individuals have supported us along the way, and continue to support our efforts, but we also wanted to formalise an advisory group to bring even more focus to the very considerable job in hand to remove barriers for women starting and leading businesses in Scotland.”

The establishment of the Advisory Group aligns with the mission of Pathways Forward, which aims to address challenges and create opportunities for women in entrepreneurship. The collective expertise of the Advisory Group members is seen as invaluable in shaping the strategy of the initiative.

The establishment of the Pathways Forward Advisory Group marks a significant step in addressing challenges faced by women in entrepreneurship. The diverse expertise within the group is expected to inform strategies and initiatives that contribute to fostering a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Scotland.

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