OWC ramps up major wind project offering

Scott Sutherland, OWC director of major projects

INTERNATIONAL engineering consultancy Offshore Wind Consultants (OWC) has appointed Scott Sutherland to the newly created role of director of major projects.

He will be in charge of growing the company’s project management services for fixed and floating wind projects.

Mr Sutherlands OWC team in Edinburgh will also be able to tap into the marine and offshore competence of its sister company AqualisBraemar, which has an office in Aberdeen.

Will Cleverly, OWC managing director, said: “As offshore wind continues to grow globally, developments become larger and more complex. This increasingly requires specialist project management and commercial competence.

“Establishing this new role is our way of ensuring the 67GW of in-house global experience at OWC is consolidated and focussed on adding great value to our current and future clients.”

OWC is an internationally recognised independent engineering consultancy focused on the development and realisation of offshore renewables technology and projects.

Mr Sutherland, who has more than 16 years experience in renewable energy, said: “As project manager of large offshore wind projects, you must understand all the technical, legal, financial and contractual aspects of the project, plus the sum of all the parts.

“The result is reduced risk for developers. This is the type of competence we will continuously refine as part of OWC’s major projects unit.”

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