Opportunity for Norwegian technology developers through Hunting’s TEK-HUB

An exterior shot of Tek-Hub

HUNTING Energy Services’ UK centre of excellence is on the hunt for innovative individuals and companies to form partnerships across Norway and bring oil and gas technologies to market.

Based in Aberdeen, Hunting’s TEK-HUB is opening the initiative up in a bid to support innovators in Europe and beyond. The first screening session will be in Stavanger on 24th October, offering 15-minute pitch sessions to the TEK-HUB’s technology manager. The sessions will be held in the new Hunting facility, located in Sola.

The pitch sessions coincide with Hunting’s open day in the Norway facility, giving customers the opportunity to look round the new 3000sqm operation. Hunting established a Norwegian presence in 2016 and has grown successfully, which resulted in a move to the larger facility.

Hunting’s TEK-HUB was established in 2018 and has successfully launched Organic Oil Recovery (OOR). In a collaboration agreement between Hunting PLC and US-based enhanced oil recovery company Titan Oil Recovery Inc, Hunting is now successfully progressing OOR technology within the UKCS, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The agreement saw Hunting add OOR to a growing list of Hunting TEK-HUB products and technologies that are focused on enhancing oil recovery.

Bruce Ferguson, Managing Director at Hunting, said: ‘TEK-HUB acts as a test-bed for the development and deployment of new technology. Each product entering the TEK-HUB passes through a four-stage, fast-track process implemented for the evaluation of new technologies and maximises opportunities for the organisation. To date there have been more than 19 technologies submitted to the TEK-HUB project ‘deck’ with six being chosen to progress forward to commercialisation which is a great start for the TEK-HUB initiative.

“If you have an innovative idea, concept or design relating to oil and gas – particularly in enhanced oil recovery – we would be delighted to hear from you.”

The Norway facility is located close to Stavanger Airport, which continues to serve all of Hunting’s product lines in well intervention, OCTG, manufacturing, perforating systems and OOR.

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